The Advantages of Winter Kitchen Projects

Winter Kitchen Projects Include Discounted Appliances and Fixtures – Plus More Time With Your Contractor!

Artistic Kitchens & More Specializes in Kitchen Design and Remodeling

At Artistic Kitchens & More, we specialize in Kitchen Design and Kitchen Remodel. We are dedicated to sharing our Winter Kitchen Projects – and their advantages – with you! Many homeowners are ready to close up shop by the time winter rolls around, but we have several reasons why the winter season is the best time to upgrade your kitchen.

Winter Kitchen Projects

Convenient Scheduling

At Artistic Kitchens & More, Winter Kitchen Projects are easier for our subcontractors when they involve painting, floor replacement, lighting updates, and plumbing. Why? Because less exterior work is required. This frees our schedule for interior projects, including drywall repair and cabinetry replacement.

Avoid Spring Price Increases

Think about the price reductions you’ll earn by shopping in the winter rather than the spring! If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’ll likely find close-out prices on appliances, accessories, and light fixtures while we design and order backsplash and cabinets for your Winter Kitchen Projects. You may also find home decorations and appliance outlets with special offers to reduce inventory during the winter season.

Improved AvailabilityWinter Kitchen Projects

During the winter, you may find more contractors have time because many families are unable to remodel their homes and kitchens. We will inevitably have fewer projects and more time to plan and design your kitchen remodel. We’ll also have ample time to refine details before work begins.

Outside Projects

Assuming the mild weather cooperates, we’ll be able to work on outside projects to help you prepare for spring. We don’t usually recommend outside painting during the winter, but we have seen contractors add decks, porches, and other items for customers. We offer Kitchen Projects, Closet Design, and Bathroom Remodeling during all seasons.

Permit Approvals

Government agencies are generally less busy in the winter, making it easier to obtain permits necessary for your Winter Kitchen Projects.

Winter Kitchen ProjectsCleanup

Some homeowners will wait until spring to remodel because they have concerns about fumes, dust, and staging areas. However, current technology allows us to control these issues such as fans with negative pressure, plastic zip doors, and sealing off heat ducts with a filter wall.

Vacation Time

Are you planning a vacation this winter? This could be a great time to have work done in your home to avoid disruption. 

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