White Kitchens are Still Trending but with a “Twist”!

Just when we thought white kitchens were going out of style, designers came back and gave white kitchens a new face.

White kitchens are still trending in Europe and in the US, but it’s not just white. White Kitchens can now be admired with exciting color combinations, and blue LED lighting. Black appliances and a mixture of 3-4 color combos are also used to create perfect harmony in modern and not so modern kitchens.

white kitchens

White Kitchen ideas

While traditional kitchen fans tend to stay away from colored LED lighting,  modern and urban living design is dictated by clean architectural lines, a splash of color and minimalistic decor.

Whether you go with a chocolate brown kitchen island, black appliances and white cabinets, paired with modern bar stools, or you prefer Tuscan style, white kitchens tend to lend themselves to lots of different options.

Natural Wood Counters are beyond trendy and a must-have. Wood counters in the right setting can be utilized in just about any kitchen.  Beware, extra maintenance is required.

Quartz Counter Tops are still the most popular when it comes to most homeowners. Its affordable, attractive and durable.

Why White Kitchens Stand the Test of Time

You see it all the time on the home improvement shows. A white kitchen is in. not only do homebuyers love white kitchens, but they are beautiful as well. Color’s like the Pantone colors of the year, and remember the avocado kitchen color of the 70’s those are all fads, they come and go just as fast as they go in. Don’t fall prey to the trends.

18815705 – vibrant cottage – kitchen table with two chairs

18815705 – vibrant cottage – kitchen table with two chairs

White Kitchens date back to the 1920’s

Originally, white was a symbol of sanitation, many builders created white kitchens commercially and in places like the White House, the white kitchen was a model of sanitation. It is hard to hide dirt. Subway tiles were used a lot in kitchens back then and they were white. Subway tiles are back in as beautiful backsplashes.

White Backsplashes Are Beautiful

You don’t have to go with the standard white subway tile. There are so many variations of white, including marble. You can get beautiful marble tiles that are in all different sizes and shapes. These types of tiles can texture, and a feel of luxury to any kitchen remodel.

White Countertops are Durable

Have you ever noticed that every food blogger out there posts the delicious treats that they just prepared on pristine white countertops? Because they are beautiful! White countertops are not only durable but stand the test of time.

Here are a few types of durable white kitchen countertops

  1. White Marble: Marble is very luxurious. Marble can be very expensive. Marble is the whitest type of natural stone. Pricing is dependent on the size of the slabs and the source of marble; for instance, authentic Italian marbles, such as Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario, command high prices, because they’re both beautiful and a little more durable.
  2. Quartz: Quartz is durable, stain resistant and often slightly more affordable than stones like marble. Quartz is often times engineered with the blend of the mineral with other materials added for strength. There are many different colors of quartz, but there are many beautiful variations of white, with an added sparkle.
  3. Solid Surface: These types of countertops are crafted from acrylic and can be made to mimic materials ranging from marble to stainless steel. Corian is one of the most popular brands you’ll find of solid-surface countertops. Counters made from this material are seamless and relatively strong but are vulnerable to scratching. They’re also not as heat resistant as other materials.

White kitchens

White Cabinetry

White cabinets don’t have to be boring. White cabinets faces can be beautiful. Many people, when choosing different kitchen cabinets, only think of two choices, white or wood.   A white kitchen can come in many different styles, but here we are going to cover three of the major style themes of white kitchens.

  1. Slick white modern cabinets: Slick and shiny white cabinets are very modern. They go perfectly with wood accents. Also, a mid-century modern home with a new remodel would complement the modern white cabinets.
  2. Classic White:  Deciding to install a classic white kitchen is a safe and elegant choice for many.  The white finish on a classical kitchen gives the impression of new history, which is to say that you have a beautiful and charming classic kitchen built to last while being brand new!  Marble countertops and banded colors go great with these styles, with bold, yet rounded, decoration on the doors and drawers being the norm.
  3. Ivory Cabinets:  Ivory is still white. If you are in love with traditionalism, then ivory cabinets are your white cabinets for your kitchen. Using traditional style cabinet doors, but with an ivory finish, is a unique style.  No matter the exact face, the choice of an ivory finish can really set a kitchen off.  Many say that it gives a classic look, though when combined with a contemporary shape this can be the best of both worlds.
  4. Shaker Style Cabinets: Shaker cabinets are timeless. They are clean and elegant and go with many other textures in any kitchen or bath.




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