Redefining Custom
By Thomas Mancino

Why choose Artistic Kitchens & More as your local Kitchen Design Company in 2018 

From $5.00 pizzas to a $60,000 vehicle, we have become comfortable with the fact that we can purchase almost anything very conveniently & close to home, in most instances, we can do it from our favorite worn-in armchair via Mobile-Device

This is a wonderful thing, however, when it comes to doing a home renovation the difference between that choice and this choice could mean disaster.
We have all seen and heard the stories.

When you choose Artistic Kitchens & More, you choose a private Kitchen and Home Remodeling Company that has your best interest in mind. Choose us, choose artistry.

Finding a custom home renovation that suits you and is within your budget do meet in triangulation.
During the course of twelve years, a couple hundred kitchens, bathrooms, and custom closets, my father and I have proudly built the company that can offer this to our local customers.

From the initial consultation to the project’s final finishing touches, you will see great attention to detail, no matter what the style or preference is. 

Why choose Artistic Kitchens and More
I can genuinely say this because we are the ones doing the work.
We only have one name in this life. We truly believe that our name is only as good as the quality of work we deliver, thus we sign our name to each and every detail of each project. That is fact. We can also provide a long list of references to back up my claim. We incorporate the passion we have for our job into the work we do and it shows.

Kitchen Remodeling - why choose Artistic kitchen & More Remodeling

Aside from the personal touches, the other half of the project is the quality that the materials we can provide. We can happily say that the vast majority of our materials are made in the United States. We work with solid wood, not MDF or particle board. We can and will work with these materials, but ultimately our goal is to give something that will last and that our customers will be happy with for a long time to come.

Choose Artistic Kitchen & More for 2018 

At Artistic Kitchens & More, we strive to meet the challenges of our clientele with the understanding that each project is as unique and custom as the individual inviting us to come and talk shop with them. We take your needs, ideas, and your budget seriously, and will always be doing our best to see that your dollar stretches as far as it can possibly go. Read our articles.

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