Using Artistic Kitchens for Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

Are you looking to work with a company that truly wants the best for you, your home, and your family? Are you tired of walking into your kitchen each morning and feeling like something isn’t right? If you want a custom kitchen remodel that makes your living space feel like home again, Artistic Kitchens and More is here to help.

We know how it feels to be frustrated with your living space. When homes are built, companies have a tendency to use cookie-cutter concepts to generate kitchens that bear an uncanny resemblance to dozens of other kitchens in your neighborhood. This mediocre design often leaves home-buyers let down and disappointed in their overall kitchen concept. We don’t want this for you, because we wouldn’t want it for ourselves.

The kitchen is, in many ways, the most important room in the house. The kitchen is where you entertain your guests, cook meals, and complete projects. The kitchen is where your kids come home and do their homework. The kitchen is where family time is spent. A cramped, poorly designed kitchen isn’t going to make you more comfortable in your home. It’s simply going to make you jealous of the beautiful, remodeled kitchens you see online.

Like we said before, we don’t want this for you. For this reason, we’ve determined that helping the Marietta community improve their kitchens through custom kitchen remodel is our calling – and we look forward to helping you in any way possible. That includes a complete kitchen remodel, cabinet refacing, or other artistic needs. Whatever you need to make your house feel more like “home”, we can make happen. Just say the word, or contact us immediately. We’re willing to work with any budget, any client, and any situation to make your life easier.

About Our Company

We have experience in closet design, bathroom design, and kitchen remodeling. You can learn more about us here. We have a feeling, once you read more about our company, you’ll understand why we are the number one choice for custom kitchen remodeling in the Marietta area.

Artistic Kitchens and More also serves the Canton and Alpharetta areas – and we like to consider ourselves as a more experienced alternative to general contractors. Here, you’re working with family. We want to make this experience as comfortable (and convenient) as possible for both you and your family. We also want to keep it affordable, because we care about your kitchen – not your money. And it’s important to us that you know that.

Our Custom Kitchen Remodel Process

We bring artistic design to the process where other contractors simply bring stencils – hence, our name. We bring a skill and quality level that you won’t find anywhere else. We want your kitchen to be unique. After all, that’s why you’re looking for a custom kitchen remodel in the first place. You want something that’s going to stand out from the pack. You want to make an impression. You want to feel proud when you walk into your kitchen in the morning.

There’s something about a big, beautiful, well-organized kitchen that catches the eye of visitors – and we all know it. Your kitchen is something to take pride in; something you can show-off to other people. Especially when the job has been done correctly.

Artistic Kitchens and More, run by our father and son team (Art and Thomas Mancino), has completed a number of beautiful projects over the years. They’ve slowly extended their services to closets, bathrooms, and custom storage areas – in addition to custom kitchen remodel. They have one goal – to create a design that pleases our clients for many years after its completion.

We are committed to excellence, regardless of budget. We are committed to design, as well as tender love and care. We truly want your space to fit our needs, your preferences, and your wants. And, given the opportunity, we’ll make that happen.

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, visit our page here. You can also read our positive customer reviews here, and visit our specials page here. Right now, you can save 10% on a complete custom kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, 10% on kitchen cabinet refacing, and 15% on a closet remodel.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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