The Top Kitchen Trends of 2018

Some of these Kitchen Trends are here to stay!

1. Open Storage Spaces and Shelves and Hidden Storage 

Hidden Storage can be installed within any kitchen or in other spaces of the home depending on the home’s layout. Open shelves and hidden storage are equally popular for 2018-2019.

Top Kitchen Trends

Top Kitchen Trends

2. Blending Textures and Materials

3. Mixing Neutral Basics With Color Accents

Neutral Kitchen with, metallic decor, wood floors for a pop of color, commercial grade stove top, cozy light fixtures, and glass upper cabinet doors are all tastefully blended to create the perfect harmony. The subway tile adds a special touch as well.

Top Kitchen Trends

4. Dominant Kitchen Islands

Top Kitchen Trends

5. Shaker-Style Cabinet Doors

Top Kitchen Trends

6. Wood Surfaces

Natural materials are ruling in all the latest kitchens and the design world is going crazy over the many options to choose from. Wood Counter Tops come with

their own flair and beauty, whether you keep it natural or get the polished finished. With so many colors to choose from the first thing a homeowner has to do is narrow down the choices when it comes to countertops, and kitchen islands the sky is the limit. Follow this link to view the latest natural material trends in Europe.

Top Kitchen Trends


7. Brass Accents

You can create striking focal points with brass doors, door handles, ovens,  and sinks. Mixed metals are still one of the Top Kitchen Fads this year and will continue to trend for 2019. Colored appliances and colored Backsplash is often paired with a range of metals like brass, copper, silver, and bronze

Top Kitchen Trends

8. Unique Lighting

Adjustable lighting is one of those Kitchen Trends we believe is going to stick around for a while. With all the electronics frying our brain, we need to be able to turn the dimmer on when we have that glass of wine while cooking a great meal. For practical and aesthetic reasons, different areas of the home require a variety of lighting options as it relates to dimming options when needed. It is essential to consider what the room will be used for. You ideally want to have a range of lighting options in any room of your home, including the kitchen. This way space can be used differently depending on the time of day. This means you could just go for a subtle glow in the evening, or use all three types (table, floor or wall lamps) of lighting if you wanted to brighten up your room on a drury day. If you’re looking to create a relaxed and more intimate vibe that is perfect for dinner parties, avoid harsh overhead lighting. Lighting fixtures in the kitchen can also be changed for a new look by simply incorporating new lampshades that can be easily installed over a basic bulb.

Top Kitchen Trends

9. Smart Kitchens are HERE TO STAY!

According to the latest article published by House Beautiful Smart Kitchens are on Top of the list for New Kitchen Fads.

If you are considering installing a new kitchen in 2018 or 2019 you should really not do without a boiling water tap – seen as a necessity in today’s living; wifi ready appliances – allowing us to control our kitchens from afar; and steam ovens and vacuum drawers – this makes cooking quicker, easier and contains the flavor in the food.

Integrated music and lighting that can all be controlled via one central hub, as well as a call for iPads installed for recipes and work surfaces with integrated mobile phone charging’.

In particular, the Amazon Dash button and Google Home have become ‘essentials’ in the kitchen, enabling homeowners to order products, play music, set reminders or find out recipes at the touch of a button or the sound of a voice.

Top Kitchen Trends

Check out some of our favorite kitchen design ideas and top 20 Kitchen Trends on House Beautiful!

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