Things to consider when remodeling your kitchen and deciding on the the perfect Kitchen Island

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A central Island in the kitchen  is a very popular feature and many folks looking to purchase houses desiring a kitchen island and even considering it a must-have feature in a kitchen. Islands can add extra shelf, cabinet and dining space, and can be an excellent place for entertaining . However, you will want to make sure that the kitchen island you design makes sense and matches the layout of your kitchen. While you certainly want your kitchen island to be beautiful, it is even more important to have one that works for your needs, from a functional standpoint.

Ask yourself important  questions such as “are you right handed?” This will help you determine how to place appliances. Further more different islands have different purposes. Will yours be for prep work, entertaining, cooking, or cleaning? Some kitchen islands will require more room based on their function. In addition, certain features of an island can cost significantly more.  For example, multi-level islands and islands with pull-out drawers cost a lot more than single-level islands with open shelves. (Depending on materials used the prices can vary greatly.

You might also consider a peninsula rather than an island.


What Appliances Do You Need?

This is a major decision, as it will affect the cost of your island. For example, if you want to run plumbing for a sink, or gas or electric for a stove, oven, or other appliances, this will be significantly more expensive than a kitchen island that is designed solely for entertaining, or for prep work. Free-standing appliances such as a microwave that sits on the countertop can be less expensive than built-in ones like an overhead microwave, as well.


How Much Space Will You Need?

Know not just the dimensions of your kitchen island, but how much space you will need around it. Make sure that you have PLENTY of clearance around the kitchen island for easy maneuverability in your kitchen, and even more if you want to have room for more than one person to pass at the same time. Make sure that you have enough space around the kitchen island for seating. Each seat takes right at two feet of space. If your kitchen is smaller, you might want to consider a rolling kitchen island.


Kitchen Island Surface Material

This may seem a small concern, but the choice of countertop material can be very important since the island is going to be the centerpiece of your kitchen and the first thing folks see when they walk into your kitchen. While you can save money with less expensive counters, you don’t want to cut corners on the surface material for your kitchen island. Compare and discuss materials with the team Artistic Kitchens & More, prior to making a final decision.

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