Spring and Summer Kitchen Ideas

Our Spring and Summer Kitchen Ideas

Spring has arrived and summer is coming fast.  At Artistic Kitchens & More, we enjoy sharing our spring and summer kitchen ideas with our potential customers. Located in Marietta GA, our team is prepared for a challenge. If you need help executing the design tips below, give us a call at (770)-998-0248 or schedule an appointment online today.

Here are six spring and summer kitchens ideas that will change the way your kitchen functions for good:

(1) Consider Fresh Paint

The ongoing trend in 2017 is bright. Homeowners want a bright, inviting kitchen with neutral cabinets and an impressive amount of space. Liven up your kitchen with a fresh coat of light paint. Whether you choose baby blue, white, beige, or salmon, your guests will envy the welcoming atmosphere your living space provides.

(2) Revamp Your Cabinetry

Think carefully about your cabinet goals. You can choose to follow through with the bright theme or you can decide to accent your light walls with dark wood. Either way, you’ll need to decide between kitchen cabinet refacing and cabinet replacement. Cabinet refacing eliminates the need for cabinet replacement by removing and inserting veneers. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and styles – all without paying full price for new cabinets.

For cabinet refacing to be successful, you must be happy with the interior portion of your kitchen cabinets. Not sure what your kitchen needs? We can help you decide the best course of action.

(3) Widen Walkways

The temperature is rising and summer parties are coming up. You want as much room in your kitchen as possible. Consider downsizing your island or countertop space, while rearranging appliances to make larger walkways. Your guests will have more room to maneuver, and you’ll have more room for entertainment.

(4) Rethink Appliances

Electricity bills have a tendency to rise during warm months. In order to keep your bills low, consider purchasing efficient and green appliances. Whether you choose a new refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, oven, or sink, you’ll make a significant difference in the way your home functions. You’ll also be cost conscious.

(5) Open Your Windows

If you currently have an appliance or bulky countertop barring access to a window, rearrange your kitchen to make room for open windows. Not only will this save precious money on cooling during the summer months, but you’ll keep your kitchen open and bright – sticking with the 2017 theme.

(6) Organize For Summer

Other than the holiday season, summertime is the biggest opportunity for your kitchen to see guests from the outside world. Your children are home for summer vacation, your extended family has time to visit, and outdoor parties can be rained out. You want your kitchen to be prepared. Organize for the season with classic chalkboards to mark down meal plans, a shoe rack to keep muddy feet away from the wood floor, or a larger table to add usable space.

Keep these ideas summer kitchen ideas in mind as you begin thinking about your kitchen renovation.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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