Spring Kitchen Projects

Spring Kitchen Projects With Artistic Kitchens & More

Spring is finally in the air. That means the time has come for spring cleaning and redecorating. Is your kitchen catching you off guard? Once we begin opening our windows and blinds, our kitchens become more glaringly obvious than ever. Maybe there’s something about your kitchen that you haven’t noticed before. Is it too dark? Is it missing flair? Let’s talk about some DIY spring kitchen projects you can start now – and some kitchen projects we can help with at Artistic Kitchens & More.

(1) Hang a scroll or chalkboard in your kitchen to write down reminders, dinner plans, grocery lists, and guests lists. With the right handwriting, this old-fashioned touch can add a unique flair to your living space.

(2) Open up your shared kitchen and dining room area by rearranging your furniture. If you already have a kitchen counter that you use for projects, homework, and prep-work, consider the size of your dining room table. By switching to a smaller option, you could likely increase the space and comfort in your kitchen without actually ripping down walls.

(3) Do you still have carpet in your kitchen space? Consider ripping up your carpet and taking advantage of the wood floors underneath. This is a great cost-effective way to open up your kitchen and dining room area. It can also help eliminate the spread of unnecessary germs and bacteria. 

(4) Of our spring kitchen projects, this is perhaps the most creative. Use mason jars for decoration. You can place pasta, flour, sugar, salt, and pepper in them – along with measuring spoons and cups for convenience access. This adds clarity and texture to your kitchen space without compromising organization.

(5) Consider changing a minor portion of your kitchen, rather than a major portion. For example, if you are unhappy with your kitchen counter, consider having your counter replaced with something more fitting for your home. If you are unhappy with your kitchen cabinets, but see no problem with the interior of the cabinets, consider cabinet refacing. In this situation, the veneers on your cabinets are replaced – giving your kitchen a whole new look – while the interior portion of your cabinets remain. This saves money, time, and energy that could be better spent on more important parts of your kitchen.

(6) Think about a fresh paint color. Perhaps the major problem with your kitchen is a lack of color or back splash. You need character on those white walls. Ignore the myth that paint makes a room look smaller. You’ll find that the right paint color, especially a bright or neutral one, will open up your kitchen significantly.

(7) Talk to a team of kitchen professionals about a complete kitchen remodel.

At Artistic Kitchens & More, we specialize in kitchen reorganizing and remodeling. We can help you with all of these spring kitchen projects and more. 

Give us a call at (770)-998-0248 or schedule an appointment online today!

We enjoy working closely with our customers. Our first priority is bringing your creative dreams to life. What do you see in your kitchen? We’ll do our very best to make it happen.

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