What is the Modern Industrial Kitchen Trend?

The Modern Industrial Kitchen Look

The modern industrial kitchen trend is on the rise, especially in cities like Marietta, Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Cumming Georgia.

At Artistic Kitchens and More, we have put together a few key looks that make the modern industrial kitchen trend.

Modern Industrial Kitchen Trend

Modern Industrial Kitchen Trend from Artistic Kitchens and More Marietta, GA

With this minimal, no-frills approach to kitchen decor, clean lines and natural materials come together in a look that is both modern and utilitarian. This is a great look when you’re living in a Downtown Apartment or if you are trying to achieve the modern industrial kitchen look to your home. Artistic Kitchens & More designs kitchens with this look.

A mix of sleek, contemporary fixtures and antique pieces that are a just slightly rough around the edges, a modern industrial kitchen makes for both a functional workspace and a stylish, inviting place to entertain.

How to Achieve The Modern Industrial Kitchen in Your Home

The modern industrial kitchen look is a combination of metal and wood, and exposed shelves. Done right, the modern industrial kitchen can look like a piece of art, one that is highly sought after.

Modern Industrial Kitchen look in Marietta, GA

Achieve the modern industrial look with a combination of metal and wood. Open shelves add a beautiful aesthetic to your kitchen.

The look can be achieved by investing in core pieces like cabinetry and hardware with clean lines and juxtaposing these elements with more old-fashioned furnishings and accessories. Exposed shelving, vintage seating and durable appliances maintain a practical and unfussy feel, white subway tiles, modern farmhouse sinks, and sharp looking faucets keep this style up-to-date.

Pendant Lighting that gives an old meets new look

Edison Pendant Light Compliments the modern industrial kitchen

The Edison Pendant Light is one of the most versatile lighting fixtures out there. They fit in any kitchen style and especially complement the modern industrial kitchen.

The most versatile light will work for a variety of spaces, whether it’s above a kitchen island, hung from a breakfast nook or tucked into a powder room. The best pendant light for multiple spaces will send light down and outward, too, not directly down toward a single task, to work as both surface lighting and ambient lighting. And style-wise, the best pendant light for most folks will have a design that plays nicely with many decorating styles, including a farmhouse, modern and industrial kitchens.

Concrete is a compliment to the modern industrial kitchen

concrete adds to the modern industrial kitchen look

Where Does the Modern Industrial Look Originate From?

The industrial aesthetic has its roots firmly planted in the past. Once purely the reserve of converted industrial workplaces (think Victorian-built factories, for example, and repurposed warehouses), this super-cool kitchen look is gradually edging its way into non-period properties, too.

The classic industrial-inspired kitchen is highly functional and practical, with an unexpected penchant for subtle decorative twists. Think savvy storage, clever fittings and surprisingly detail-rich elements: sleek handleless cabinetry, for example, or simple yet statement suspended light fittings.

The modern industrial kitchen Marietta, GA

The modern industrial kitchen fits seamlessly in an old Victorian home.

The look is hugely defined by textures, materials and unique structural details. A sometimes-dark, largely-neutral color palette commonly combines with elements such as rough brickwork and sleek angular fittings to create a kitchen that strikes the perfect balance between rough-and-tough and painstakingly planned.

What Type of Home Does The Modern Industrial Look Fit

The industrial style probably lends itself best to larger open-plan spaces, working beautifully in either darker, more atmospheric settings or in lighter, brighter spaces with large windows that can be thrown open.

If you live in the type of property that lends itself perfectly to the look (a converted warehouse, for example) then this shouldn’t be an issue. If your home boasts a smaller kitchen, you can still do it, of course: you just need to approach the transformation from a different angle.

A converted warehouse fits the modern industrial kitchen look.

A converted warehouse fits the modern industrial kitchen look.

Be careful with your color palette: you’ll probably need to avoid darker shades on your walls to avoid overwhelming the space but you can definitely still consider darker colors for your cabinetry and/or worktops. Opt for metallic decorative details: an exposed bulb light fitting, for example, or stand-out handles on cabinets.

What type of textures fit best

Think rough concrete, exposed brickwork, antiquated metalwork…Window frames and woodwork tend to be dark – black, in fact – with blocks of glossy metro tiles typically used on the kitchen’s most prominent wall to allow for easy cleaning.

Wood is also a recurrent detail: wooden beams, countertops and/or cabinetry are all classic details you might expect to see.

wood beams compliment a modern industrial kitchen

Wood beams compliment a modern industrial kitchen, especially with the Edison Pendant Lights

A dark neutral color palette might seem like the obvious option, it won’t work for every space: for example, in a smaller kitchen, using colors that are too dark will create a room that feels stifled rather than stylish.

Open-plan kitchen? Keep the various elements of your space neatly zoned by using a vibrant color or two to differentiate the dining area from the cool tones of the kitchen.

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