Luxury Home Upgrades

Luxury Homes in and around Marietta, Georgia

Luxury home building permits are back and not only are there new homes sprouting up…but the older Luxury homes are getting facelifts and modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Luxury home Kitchens in Greater Atlanta Area Could a kitchen remodel be an important part in your “Luxury Home Upgrade?”

Yes, You guessed right…According to the latest statistics kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important spaces on the interior, when upgrading an older Luxury Home or Estate.


Artistic Kitchens and More has completed many kitchen and bathroom upgrades in older Luxury Homes in East Cobb and surrounding counties. 30066 is the zip code of prestige, homes of an earlier time are a staple in Marietta Ga located in Cobb County. Cobb County is one of the largest suburban counties outside of the city and has one of the highest household incomes in the metros of Atlanta. Take some time to follow us on Facebook and look at many of the beautiful homes we have remodeled.
The “Braves” are moving to Cobb County too, but we are still talking about older Luxury Homes and what is most important when it comes to upgrades.
Folks living in the East Cobb (Marietta) area are usually middle class, to upper middle class and have raised at least one generation if not two in their homes and estates.  The area has become quiet trendy and the new rich and younger wealthy people have built huge modern luxury homes in the once so quaint not so modern area.

Modern Luxury Homes in not so modern neighborhoods!

As a result the home owners either upgrade their luxury homes to sell them, or simply to keep up with the mansion next door. There is nothing more motivating than seeing a brand new beautiful kitchen next door with all the extras that you have been saving for, an entire life time.

So where do you start? 

Well, of course we say the kitchen, as it is the most common area for even larger families to gather and celebrate over an old fashion meal.  The easiest thing is to meet with us over a cup of tea or coffee and discuss the next steps of your potentially exciting yet complex kitchen project.

Who are we? 

Artistic Kitchens is a Father and son team with over 20 Years of experience and over a decade in East Cobb in the kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling business.
We are a privately owned company that lives in East Cobb and yes we recently upgraded our kitchen and many other areas of our 30066 home. Not to sell, not even to keep up with the mansions around us, bur simply because we could and we wanted too.

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