Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Could Be A Great Alternative To New Cabinets

Why consider Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Are you the kind of host that loves to show off your kitchen? During vacation months, and holidays when friends and family members gather, many homeowners realize their kitchen space isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as it once was. This isn’t something to brush off. The appearance of your kitchen is every bit as important as the functionality of your kitchen. Why? Because you deserve to feel comfortable and confident in the area of your home that is often the space we spend most of our time in.  When guests visit, you want to be able to gather without feeling embarrassed about the look that was so trendy 20 years ago. To get some ideas for kitchen design and upgrades feel free to visit our Houzz Pageour Gallery, or our Pinterest Page. Like us on Facebook to read the latest articles and view many Kitchen Design Ideas. Remember if you are selling your home, staging and creating an impressionable kitchen increases the chances of and perceived value of your home, and provides an elegant space for your family to enjoy. Remodeling your kitchen can be costly but worth it. When you want the results to be impressive yet do not have the budget for a complete remodel, you could start the process by simply commit to  Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and more! New Kitchen Modern light color kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is effective, and less expensive alternative to complete cabinet replacement. We find that refacing refreshes the heart and soul of your kitchen – the cabinets themselves. Imagine your kitchen without cabinets. Would there be much left? Your appliances would look awfully bare, and there wouldn’t be anything to put on (or in) them. Now, imagine your cabinets being a completely different color or texture. How would you feel differently about your kitchen? We’re guessing very.

Marietta Kitchen Cabinet RefacingThe moral of the story? Often home owners can change the look and feel of their kitchen by refacing the cabinets, adding new fixtures and a fresh code of new paint. A number of homeowners have pointed out, replacing cabinetry is costly and the biggest concern is that it is time-consuming. It takes several weeks, to complete a remodel with custom kitchen cabinets, versus cabinet refacing taking a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Most contractors will be in and out of your home within 5-7 days for refacing cabinets, depending on the extend of the project (the add ons are often completed at the same time). Kitchen upgrades can be overwhelming for many reasons, one is choosing what works for you. We will see you through the entire project, from beginning to finish. Who ever you choose, make sure to go with a local company that has a great reputation. 

 Kitchen Cabinet Refacing can be the answer to your outdated kitchen. The process begins by choosing a contractor followed by meeting for a consult and sharing your ideas. A good company will advise you on what is realistic for your space and layout. Picking out materials, wood type, color, and texture for your veneers within the right budget is also something a professional will guide you on. A team of experts will remove all veneers from the front and sides of your cabinets. These veneers will be replaced with the wood you choose. On the outside, your cabinets will look fresh, new, and flawless. On the inside, you’ll maintain the structure and backing of your old cabinets.

The professional contractor will remove all veneers from the front and sides of your cabinets. These veneers will be replaced with the material and color you chose. On the outside, your cabinets will look fresh, new, and flawless. On the inside, you’ll maintain the structure and backing of your old cabinets. Sometimes new cabinets are combined with a cabinet refacing. For example, if you have two cabinets that are beyond repair but 10 cabinets that are in good condition, companies often replace the ones in need and reface the ones that are still in good shape structurally. Artistry and experience are required to match the look of the new custom cabinets versus the ones that are refaced. 

This makes Kitchen Cabinet Refacing an option best suited for homeowners who like the texture and quality of their cabinets, but are simply looking for a different color or design. If the interior of your cabinets has been significantly damaged, you may want to consider full cabinet replacement. You should also think about cabinet replacement if you want an altered interior organization or specialized cabinetry. 

Why contact us for your Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Project?

Experience  – Over a decade

Expertise – Local Kitchen Expert

Talent – Tommy Mancino is an Artist 

Creativity – Tommy & Team offer great Design Ideas

Functionality – Art Mancino has the know how to lay out your Kitchen Plans

Integrity – As a local Company Integrity is all we have! 

Quality – Art and Tommy Mancino are quality driven and offer the best variety and various budgets


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Artistic Kitchens & More is your neighbor and has helped many local home owners with their kitchen projects. For over a decade Art Mancino, Tommy Mancino and their team have been the choice for local homes in and around Marietta Georgia. We are currently offering 10% Off Cabinet Refacing.

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