Kitchen Upgrades Prior To Selling Your Home!

Home Updates include Kitchen Upgrades and Bathroom Upgrades.

Are you pondering about selling your home this year, but are concerned with how to compete with other homes in the Marietta area? Yes, Kitchen Upgrades and Bathroom Upgrades are the most important investment you can make. In order to improve your chances of return on investment,  you need to consider what potential buyers may want to see in a home, and how much they are willing to pay for appeal.  It is no surprise that the most popular items on the list  include  kitchen upgrades, an appealing upgraded bathroom  and hardwood or tile flooring, among many other things.
 Most buyers want to buy a home that is ready to be lived in with very little immediate to do’s.  The desired home should be move-in ready, meaning they won’t have to perform any major construction. As the seller of your home, you will want to make sure that these spaces are appealing to potential buyers, if your goal is for your home to sell more quickly and at a good profit. Here are tips on getting  your updated kitchen, bathroom remodeling and flooring completed, so when you are ready to put your home on the market there is nothing else for you to do except hire a real estate agent. Artistic Kitchens and More has helped hundreds of home owners decide what to do in case of an upcoming home sale, and re-designed, refaced and remodeled homes according to the homeowners budget.

Kitchen Upgrades

When you are considering your kitchen upgrade for resale,  you might want to start on the areas that need the most love. Most of the time kitchen upgrades includes kitchen cabinets, counter tops, kitchen lighting and even door knobs to the pantry that are old and rusty. You might have laminate flooring that is cracking or peeling. With a kitchen renovation, you will be able to make your kitchen look like-new for potential buyers without spending the money you would for a custom kitchen. Of the more popular stylistic choices, buyers are looking for homes with new granite countertops or something that looks similar. The style of the standard oak cabinets are no longer modern and  cabinet refacing might be a better and less expensive option for your kitchen upgrade than a complete cabinet replacement for your kitchen. You can choose cabinet colors from off white to dark-mocha color which seem to be the  favored choices as of late. Backsplash and innovative storage solutions are also appreciated by potential homebuyers, as they add uniqueness and style. You can utilize the ever so large internet world to get style ideas and of course refer back to Artistic Kitchens & More once you have a few ideas and share them with us at our first meeting. We will help you set realistic goals and respect your budget for the project once agreed on details.


Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen Upgrades should include granite counter tops and new sink fixtures.


Bathroom Upgrades

Much like the kitchen, homebuyers are looking for a nice relaxing  space that does not need to be updated, and is simply move in ready. Usually  bathroom upgrades include new fixtures, tile and refaced cabinets are what makes the bathroom look more appealing. Like with Your Kitchen Upgrade stick with neutrals and keep it clean. To busy and personalized can turn off potential buyers that have a different idea of style and design. Currently, modern-style fixtures for the sinks are popular choices for the bathroom as well as the kitchen, as are white tile for the flooring, though off-white or beige has never really gone out of style.

 Again, like the kitchen, the  oak cabinets are out, so you will want to consider refacing these cabinets to either off white or neutral brown colors, along with granite countertops that are more neutral in nature . With a fresh coat of off white or light tan (in the warm family) paint, new simple and matching light fixtures, you can give this space a facelift, making it more aesthetically pleasing to potential home buyers. You do not have to spend a lot of  money for these updates and can even get ideas from HGTV to help you figure out modern paint colors and fixtures. Pinterest is a great way to find out what is in at the moment. Don’t be shy and google away on modern and or more traditional styles that are popular for 2016. Houzz is another great avenue with lots of pictures for design and so-forth. Don’t forget to go to Ikea for some throw carpets and plants to tie it all in. Of course Art and Thomas Mancino are here for you when it comes to helping you design your kitchen, bathroom, the flooring and granite countertops for your home.

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades add value to your home. Featured Image: Modern Luxury Bathroom


New Flooring 

Potential homebuyers are looking for homes that have hardwood throughout, as carpet can be difficult to keep clean, especially with kids and pets in the homr. If you do have carpet, consider having it replaced. You do not have to go with the most expensive custom product, but simply update and consider investing most of the budget in cabinet refacing and floors for the Bathroom and Kitchen as a part of the kitchen upgrades and bathroom upgrades. Fixtures and even granite/natural stone does not have to be super expensive either,but simply look new and stylish. While an updated kitchen, updated bathroom and new floors can’t guarantee the sale of your home, it certainly can’t hurt your chances, either. If you are interested in learning more about how you can update your kitchen or remodel your bathrooms, please feel free to contact us today!

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