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Kitchen Trends for 2020 include Modern Kitchen Design

Modern kitchens are one of the best alternatives for 2020 and beyond. Technological innovations will enable us to do everything with ease so we can dedicate ourselves to other tasks and activities. Kitchen Trends for 2020 demand that kitchens must be functional, practical, and organized without leaving out a beautiful design, and a kitchen space that transmits the warmth of home that we found in kitchens of our past eras.

Yes, Kitchen Trends for 2020 include White Kitchens 

Just as we thought that white kitchens were gone, they are back (they never left) as one of the leading kitchen trends for 2020. The white color is one of the primary colors in the decorations, especially in small kitchens across the globe. White kitchens can achieve a visual effect of being bright and cheery, and also seem much larger than they are. White can also bring a sense of cleanliness. It helps to increase the reception of light, therefore making it a beautiful space to be anytime during the year.
White modern kitchens are one of the Top Kitchen Trends for 2020 and beyond.
But beware, the excess of white color can become cold. Ideally, combining color accents with other bright colors or natural wood or black and white combinations can bring vitality and style to your favorite space. White has the virtue of enhancing the colors it has around it, and therefore is an excellent base for any kitchen but especially the smaller ones. 

Bold Kitchen Trends 

If your personality calls for a bold kitchen, you can use bright color accents (in furniture or appliances), or if your style is a more conservative classic one, you can use neutral colors to breaking the boring according to the latest article featured in New Decor Trends.  Smooth, lacquered or matte finishes with clean lines are also on the list as a favorite for modern kitchens and Kitchen Trends for 2020.

Matte kitchen countertops are one of the Top Kitchen Trends for 2020 and beyond.

Materials and Styles for 2020 Kitchens               

White, gray, wood and black kitchens are all part of the upcoming Kitchen Trends for 2020. They combine well with most colors and materials such as Wood, Granite, and even Vinyl or Quartz. Put the sky is the limit when it comes to those kitchen colors. White Kitchens are always appropriate for any decorative Style in homes, lofts, condos, and even apartment homes. If you are looking for a rustic style, for example, you can use wrought iron decor combined with flowers. If you want to go retro, add a retro style tile backsplash. You can also add upper glass cabinetry, and pictures that match the era. 

For a more modern feel, you can choose glossy counter-tops, lacquered furniture accents pieces (bar stools, chairs, tables). A matte finish waterfall kitchen island combined with aluminum accessories really brings a modern appeal.  

Accent Flooring is one of the Top Kitchen Trends for 2020 and beyond.

Floors should serve as an accent. They can be combined with gray, or sand color, (like seen on the picture above) to break it up a bit.  Ceilings can serve as a way to create a color accent. Kitchen Trends in 2020 will offer ceilings in a variety of shades. Walls can be smooth or tiled in white or neutral colors depending on how many you want to bring into your modern white kitchen.

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Publication Reference – New Decor Trends – Images by 123RF

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