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Home Trends and Kitchen Styles for 2018 are quite amazing

Kitchen Styles and Trends for 2018 include comebacks such as the hidden appliances and glass doors

Kitchen Styles still include white kitchen cabinets, but wait there is more! How about Gray or Navy Cabinets?

Kitchen Styles still include white kitchen cabinets, but wait there is more! How about Gray or Navy Cabinets?

Painted Gray Kitchen Cabinets

For the last decade, white kitchens and white cabinets have dominated Kitchen Styles and Trends. In the eyes of many homeowners, it was an easy choice. White cabinets have a timeless, bright quality that can expand your kitchen without breaking barriers. White is neutral, playing well with cool and warm hues alike. 

We’ll never stop promoting the white cabinet concept – but there are new trends on the horizon for 2018. 

Now, we’re seeing a slight shift from white. Homeowners are moving toward gray. Why? Because gray shares many of the same qualities loved by white, while incorporated a more subdued tone. Light shades of gray won’t naturally brighten your kitchen, but they’ll come close, matching your accent colors and adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Blue Cabinets – Another of Our Latest Kitchen Styles and Trends

Kitchen Styles and trends include Painted Navy Cabinets

Kitchen Styles and trends for 2018 include painted “Navy Cabinets”

Another cabinet comeback? Dark blue painted cabinets. These were relatively unheard of two seasons ago, but they’ve taken off. Homeowners find the dark blue accent both classy and unexpected. It isn’t as flexible as white or gray, but it complements many hues and can be paired with white or gray cabinets to outline your kitchen.

Quartz Countertops – Particularly Popular Kitchen Styles

Granite is considered a truly timeless kitchen element. Still, it has a porous surface and must be re-sealed on a regular basis to ensure that stains won’t soak in. According to the latest upcoming trends in kitchen and home design, Granite will be no longer on top of the list for builders, Apartment builders, and homeowners. Quartz is more cost effective, easier to maintain, and just as beautiful. 

Several decades ago, quartz arrived with the promise of a non-porous surface that is remarkably impervious to stains. It doesn’t require sealing. Still, it left something to be desired in the style department. Now, quartz delivers in style, design, and flair. Modern manufacturing techniques allowed the creation of quartz countertops that mimic flow and movement seen in granite.

 Kitchen Styles and Trends include Water Fall Kitchen Islands

As of recent Waterfall Kitchen Islands are becoming more and more popular in new homes and of course, once again Quartz is the material of choice.  According to HGTV articles and Houzz Bloggers, Quartz is here to stay for a long time to come. 

Kitchen Styles bring Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Quartz Freshen Up Your Kitchen - Waterfall Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Cabinet Glass Doors

Did you notice a hutch or cabinet with glass doors in your grandmother’s home as a child? Maybe fine china was locked inside – or fragile centerpieces. These glass-protected cabinets are back in style, allowing you to display whatever beautiful pieces you store inside. Both fancy and not-so-fancy dishes can see the light.

You don’t have to use glass doors on all of your cabinets to add style. Instead, accent your kitchen with three or four glass doors. Glass gives the concept of open space, making your room more modern without knocking anything down.

Kitchen Styles

According to the latest in Kitchen Styles – Hidden Appliances are trending once again!

Hidden Accessories and Appliances

Minimalism is the new fashion. Our lives are already cluttered – our kitchens should be easily navigable. Toasters, coffee makers, blenders, cutting boards, and microwaves are being placed in special cabinets and appliance garages that keep our conveniences tucked away when not in use. Your kitchen will seem less “industrialized” when you take advantage of this technique.

The appeal of open floor plans, tall ceilings, and large windows is easy to understand. But minimalistic touches – such as exposed brick, concrete, plumbing, and steel – are returning with a vengeance. There’s something nostalgic and trendy in the concept.

Kitchen Styles For 2018 include Combinations

In recent years, we’ve seen bookcases that are made from wooden planks and cast iron piping, sitting next to traditional armchairs. The trend isn’t hard to spot. We want the best of both worlds – bringing traditional and industrial together. Kitchen Styles change constantly. Still, the infrastructure and basics remain the same. We’re already seeing this in traditional shaker-style cabinetry, concrete counters, farm sinks, and tall-goose necked faucets. We want everything at once – and there’s no stopping it.

Kitchen Styles include hidden appliances and industrial style decor

Loft Kitchen Styles include integrated stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops & minimalistic decor

What Kitchen Styles have you seen emerge this year? Which do you think will really take off in 2018? Show us your favorite styles at your private in-home consultation! Check us out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Houzz, Angie’s List. If you live in Marietta Ga, or the surrounding area, call our team to schedule your in-home meeting. 

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