Best Kitchen Renovation Tips for Marietta Georgia in 2019

2019 Kitchen Renovations | Marietta, Georgia

Kitchen Renovation in Marietta Georgia

If you’re ready to tackle your kitchen renovation, make sure you plan first. Set clear expectation and research all your options.

Read some of our helpful tips about where to begin Kitchen Renovation, how to find the right kitchen contractor in Marietta, Georgia, and having the stylish kitchen you want. When it comes to remodeling and kitchen design, setting expectations or goals can make your project a lot less hectic. Ask yourself questions like;

  1. What’s lacking in your current kitchen?
  2.  Are you satisfied with your current kitchen’s layout and is there room to grow?
  3. What are the current trends and which ones appeal to your taste?

You’re going to find that the more you research you do, the more questions and ideas you’ll have. However, make sure to set your expectations. It’s essential that you create a guideline for your contractor to understand better, the kitchen that you’re envisioning.

What is Lacking?

When we talk about bringing innovation into our kitchen, of course incorporating technology is the first thing that comes to mind. However, utilizing your kitchen space in unique ways is also a more modern form of innovation.

Need more counter space? Put your smaller appliances underneath your counters by opening up the cabinets. You can also install counters that easily folds in and out of the cabinets.

Are you tired of cluttered pots and pans? Deepen your drawers and install strategically placed dividers.

Do you need less clutter on the counter? Free up some space by installing shelves above the sink for a dish rack or install tiny shelves under the cabinets for your decoration. Find savvy ways to create the kitchen that you need. 

Kitchen Technology 2019

Most of the technology used in the kitchen today uses your phone as a device for the equipment capabilities.

Innovation isn’t always technology, but that doesn’t mean we want to miss out on the latest features that keep our kitchen up to date. You can input screens on cabinets or pantry doors to watch step by step recipe videos, place a smart magnet on your fridge to remind you when groceries are running low, or use kitchen aids such as the wifi scale. A device that will adjust online recipes measurements and connects with your phone to give you screen by screen instructions. We may not have reached the point of robotic chefs, but technology has still provided us with amazing aids to help maintain your kitchen and make cooking simpler than ever.

Do you have room to grow?

Changing the layout of your kitchen isn’t always an option. However, if you have the ability to knock down a wall or are open to shifting the cabinetry, you can add more space and give your kitchen a more modern look. 

Changing your kitchens floor plan 2019 kitchen renovation

Your kitchen design can include changing the layout of your cabinets and some appliances to suit the size of your kitchen better.

For those of you who have dreamed of a kitchen island or are sick of the constricting layout of your kitchen, you may have the option of altering your floor plan to suit better the kitchen you are envisioning.

Do not be afraid of removing the dividing wall between your kitchen and other spaces in your home. Is there a better way to place the cabinets and appliances in your kitchen? Sometimes the answer is no but always talk to your contractor about possibilities. Your options may be less limited than you think.

What trends do you like?

If you’re looking into renovating your kitchen, you’ve probably been researching designs and obsessing over the latest trends to sweep 2019. However, you may not have. Either way, it’s important to make sure your that your kitchen investment is one that is up to par with the latest fashion of kitchen design in Marietta, Georgia.

Quarts Countertops 2019

Quarts comes in many different texture and colors because of this there is no limitation when it comes to the color scheme of your kitchen

Let’s begin with countertops, for the last two decades granite has been leading the industry in fashionable design. However, as more options become available and the realization that granite isn’t the best option(price and cleanliness wise) that trend has quickly flamed out.

Quarts is arguably one of the most viable options when updating the counters. Not only do they provide a wide variety of design and color options, but they are also extremely durable and easily cleaned.

As new trends take hold, we see more and more kitchens with terrazzo, concrete, and wooden counters. Overall what seems to be the latest fad, is sleekness.

What’s your color scheme?

Kitchen Trends of 2019

Today’s modern kitchen includes dark cabinets and stainless steel appliances. We’ve also replaced fashionable nobs with sleek handles.

Dark is in, and though white does provide that timeless look, it’s hard to deny the trend has finally come to a halt. Navy blue, dark green, mud brown, matte black; in its place these colors seem to be taking hold.

These colors provide your kitchen design with a soulful & sleek appearance, and many homeowners are beginning to clash two-tones together for a more modern expression.

Do not be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to updating your kitchen, mixing colors and even textures can provide your home with an unexpectedly beautiful and modern design.

Contracting Advice

If you decide to change the layout of your kitchen be sure to leave an accessible path between appliances and do not mismatch appliances. Many companies sell sets that will save you money, especially in the long run. Moving plumbing can be costly, so if you live in an older model home or are trying to stick to a budget, we suggest you thoroughly research pricing. 

A huge money saver that many can overlook are the cabinets. You may not need to trash your cabinets if they are in good shape. Whether you want open cabinets or doors, you can still maintain the structure of your cabinet. Have your cabinet and drawer doors replaced and/or lightly sanded, make sure the cabinets are cleaned thoroughly and THEN painted. Do not try to DIY  this project leave it to someone with experience.

Always remember to budget for upgraded faucets, backsplash, nobs or handles, and lighting.

Of course, another piece of advice is going to be, do not overspend. You want to set a budget strategically and you also do not want to lose track of the trends. This often includes changing sinks and fixtures, adding hoods or covers to the oven, putting black splashes between cabinets or behind the faucet, replacing nobs and handles for cabinetry, and so much more.

Take the Plunge

Kitchen renovations can be an exciting, overwhelming, and rewarding experience. Make sure to plan not only your budget but your innovation expectations. The better prepared you are the least stressful the project can be. Most importantly, make sure to keep up with the latest trends and relay what you want to include, upgrade and change with the contractor.



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