Artistic Kitchen Remodeling Tips

When Artistic Kitchens & More goes to work with your ideas and their expertise, your Kitchen Remodeling project will be a huge success. After the Kitchen Remodel is completed, you’ll have a beautiful space to LOVE for many years to come.

Kitchen Remodeling can be a true nightmare, when mishandled and outsourced to subcontractors that seem to be unsupervised. On the other hand, it can be YOUR dream come true when you hire local professionals that understand your needs and respect and follow realistic time-lines.

Kitchen Remodeling Tip #1

Know Your Space

When looking to remodel their kitchen, a lot of people start with what they consider to be the most important aspects. These aspects are the ones that focus a great deal on design, such as paint color, appliance brand, and all the great new pieces that will give their kitchen its whole new life. These decisions are extremely important, but the problem with starting there is that these great ideas may not be feasible for the actual space. Artistic Kitchens has the experience and know how to assist in consulting prior to the project.

The best place to start, in order to end up with a fabulous new kitchen, is to measure, measure and measure some more! Whether walls will be knocked down to create more space, or the decision to remodel an existing space has been made- it is crucial to know and write down exactly how much space will be available for everything from cabinets and appliances to countertops and anything else that will be added during the remodel. Knowing the dimensions in exact detail will allow not only a smooth kitchen remodel from start to finish, but will also help to exclude any avoidable mistakes. So, while it may seem like a great idea to install that huge kitchen island from the design magazine in the middle of the kitchen, when it actually arrives, some people may be surprised to find that they can no longer get to the sink without turning sideways. That will certainly make the dishes more difficult to do after a family dinner and could leave a person stuck footing the bill for a beautiful new island, appliances, or other piece that isn’t usable.

The key to avoid wasting time and money during a kitchen remodel is to know the exact amount of space there is or will be available to work with. Artistic Kitchens & More will do all the preliminary work and give you peace of mind.  Knowing these measurements from the beginning will allow for a seamless transition from planning a kitchen remodel to realizing the dream. Schedule your kitchen design consultation today!


Kitchen Remodeling Tip #2

Make a Strict Budget

Out in the wide world of kitchen renovation options, there seems to be no end to the amount of money a person could spend. And while the ‘sky’s the limit’ budget approach can be used by some, many people have at least a rough estimate of what they are willing and able to spend on a kitchen remodel.

That ‘rough estimate’ can be a very slippery slope, so we give you an exact estimate and stick to it. Exceptions would be unexpected  additional materials or upgrade requests by the submitted by the client after the project has begun. The chances of staying within budget increase dramatically by implementing two simple rules into the renovation plan. The first is to budget early.  Budgeting early ensures that realistic research has been done on the price tag of everything from beginning to end. Not only will implementing the budget early help to ensure that the cost of the kitchen renovation is kept within a specific range, but budgeting early will also help give the peace of mind people are looking for when planning large home renovation projects; the peace of mind that comes with knowing and being comfortable with the cost that ensures a positive and stress-free remodeling experience. Artistic Kitchens & More can certainly assist you in setting realistic goals.

The second point is to be organized. Specifically, being organized means conducting the initial research and then making lists. Creating organized and itemized lists, complete with pricing, can break down what can seem like a daunting project into more manageable parts. These lists can be broken down into categories. For example, some categories could be, initial planning, design, labor costs, appliances, cabinets and more. If people are clear on what they want to spend and then allocate that amount into these lists, they will be able to tick all the boxes on their wants and needs list for a brand new kitchen, without breaking the bank.

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Kitchen Remodeling Tip #3

Call Artistic Kitchens & More

The number one way to avoid a kitchen remodeling disaster, is to call in the professionals. This seem like it would be a no brainer, but the key is to call in the right remodeling team. There are many options available to those looking for a contractor to come in and help them to realize their kitchen dreams. So many in fact, that it can be an extremely intimidating task. To wade through the sea of options, here are three key factors to remember when choosing the right contractor for a kitchen remodeling project.

The first is to find concrete evidence. Concrete evidence means looking at our past portfolio. Prospective clients should ensure for themselves not only that a portfolio of work exists, but that they like what they see. Is the work varied and appealing? Are the photos clear and readily accessible somewhere such as the contractor’s website or in their office? A good contractor will want to show off his work, because he is proud of it and confident in his abilities to deliver the product (in this case, a whole new kitchen) that the client is asking for.

The second factor to remember when choosing a contractor is to ask questions. Call or email contractor and request a meeting to discuss questions, apprehension or ideas. It’s even better when a contractor is willing to meet the client in their home to discuss the project. We believe in face to face contact and want to be a part of the vision from the beginning. Artistic Kitchens & More knows the importance of “Goal Setting” and sticking to a plan. Not only is the client more comfortable in familiar surroundings, the contractor is able to get a first-hand view of what the project will entail from the start, ensuring better service throughout the project.

The final factor a client must consider when choosing a contractor is to use the ‘go with the instinct’ approach. This may sound easy, but it is surprising to find how many people have feel cornered into making decisions about their kitchen renovation, even when they don’t feel comfortable with those decisions. Artistic Kitchens & More consists of a Father and Son Team that are committed to directing each and every project and are extremely trustworthy and easy to get to know. As a family owned business they understand the dynamics within a family setting, as well as the stressful times that come with any remodeling project. Find a contractor that will listen and address all questions and concerns. If a contractor is avoiding calls, or requests, it is probably best to find someone else. Try and talk to their past clients or check online reviews. Reputable contractors will almost always post feedback from our clients and encourage them to submit reviews directly to our website, or social media pages.

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