Kitchen Makeover Trends 2019

Tips for Your Kitchen Makeover 

Kitchen Makeover trends in 2019- Marietta Georgia Kitchen Remodel Company Artistic Kitchens and More

Kitchen Makeover ideas for your 2019 kitchen remodel

To get you started on bringing your kitchen makeover ideas to life in Marietta, we’re looking at the top kitchen decor, and renovation trends for 2019 culled from a survey of our decorator’s wisdom. From the best in updated kitchen storage, to what to skip out on, here are six trends you need to know to recreate the heart of your home with confidence and ease.



Beautiful yet functional storage will never go out of style so if this is something you are considering going for, do it. This trend is nothing if not kitchen makeover heaven and using all the available space in your kitchen will reduce clutter and improve organization. So whether your kitchen is large or small, space-saving storage ideas will work wonders. It’s just a matter of standing still and looking closely at what’s in front of you. 


Kitchen Makeover trends in 2019- Marietta Georgia Kitchen Remodel Company Artistic Kitchens and More

Open shelving is one of the most popular new trends and combined with the right decor can bring a fresh update to your kitchen


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways in Marietta, to update your kitchen is to nix some upper cabinets and replace them with shelves instead. The look is not only cost effective but paired with some simple, neat decor open shelving can be a stylish solution to your kitchen makeover.

Whether you’re budgeting for a full scale remodel or you want a small update, open kitchen shelving will help steer you in the right direction.


Kitchen Makeover trends in 2019- Marietta Georgia Kitchen Remodel Company Artistic Kitchens and More

A simple splash of color to your kitchen makeover can be done by adding color to your cabinets


Many people are beginning to incorporate colored cabinets in their kitchen makeover while moving away from all white cabinetry. Making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry, like using deep or grey-washed blues and greens is in high demand. These, when beautifully paired with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals, create a timeless look.


Kitchen Makeover trends in 2019- Marietta Georgia Kitchen Remodel Company Artistic Kitchens and More

Blending different textures is one of the more modern designs in kitchen makeovers


Playing with texture as a way of incorporating contrast can be fun considering how many natural stone, tile and cabinet options are available. The possibilities are almost endless! Try mixing matte finish cabinet paint with glossy tile. If you like a bright modern cabinet door, think about a rough backsplash to add a little texture amid the gloss.

Try using materials that greatly contrast, like a stainless steel refrigerator on a floor of reclaimed wood look tile. The texture play of sleek with rough will offer a significant impact contrast.

If you like cabinets with the wood grain showing, try a solid surface counter with minimal texture variation to let the cabinets’ beautiful grain be a focal point. Alternatively, try a solid color, single cabinet with a bold granite texture. The contrast in pattern and material is essential in a kitchen makeover because if you have too many patterns and textures going on, it can look too busy. Let one surface take center stage and the other surfaces be the compliment.


Kitchen Makeover trends in 2019- Marietta Georgia Kitchen Remodel Company Artistic Kitchens and More

Modern kitchen makeovers include concealing appliances into your cabinets and pantry


Integrated kitchen appliances are appliances with fronts that match the look of your cabinetry. In other words, instead of the refrigerator or dishwasher having stainless steel, white or black front, it will have a door that is the same type of door that you have on all of your other cabinets. When installed correctly, it can be impossible to tell which pantry contains the refrigerator or what cabinet the dishwasher is in- these appliances will blend in seamlessly.
Fully integrated appliances tend to be the most expensive option for those shopping for appliances in Marietta, Georgia. Partially mixed models are less costly than their fully-integrated counterparts. There are many different design options and methods, make sure to incorporate your style into your kitchen makeover.



That spot over the stove is prime real estate in the kitchen these days. Decorative hoods have become the centerpiece of the kitchen in Marietta.

Stainless steel hoods have been all the rage in recent years. However, brass hoods and beautiful wood ones with detailing are also proving to be popular choices. Whichever material you choose, unique hood covers are a must for your 2019 kitchen makeover in the greater Atlanta area.


Kitchen Makeover 

No matter your style, following these simple tips during your kitchen makeover will bring a refreshing update to your home. We always stay with the latest trends and designs for our clients. Remodeling your kitchen can be an overwhelming but rewarding investment, take some of the stress away by hiring a local and experienced family-owned company in the greater Atlanta area. If you’re looking to makeover your kitchen, Contact us today and visit our Facebook page for the latest trends and designs. 

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