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Why Modern Households are Loving Today’s Kitchen Islands.

Artistic Kitchens and More is a Marietta Georgia Kitchen Design & Remodeling Company that strives to  design functional, yet tasteful kitchens.  We stick with time lines and focus on the artistry. These days, islands are becoming much more commonplace in residential kitchens. While just a few years ago they were a rarity, it seems that now their demand is through the roof. While many assume the benefits are solely aesthetic, homeowners are beginning to understand just how many practical uses a kitchen island can provide. Here in Marietta Georgia we run a privately owned company that not only hopes to give you a functional kitchen space, but also a beautiful, artistic one. For the people in Marietta and in nearby cities, we truly feel we can build a charming kitchen in your home. If you live in the area and are interested in kitchen remodeling and want to incorporate the latest design, Schedule your appointment with Artistic Kitchens and More Today! .

What can Kitchen Islands do for you?

The possibilities are actually pretty widespread. The storage space added will declutter your pot and pan-ridden cabinets and make accessing whatever utensils you need quick and easy. Likewise, a kitchen island can add much wanted seating space to your dining area. If you have kids, the extra table space can become a desk for homework– allowing you to keep an extra eye on them while making a family meal. When having people over, the kitchen can transform from an ordinary cooking room into a fun, social space where the chef can prepare meals and entertain guests and family.

What are the different kinds of Kitchen Islands?

Kitchen island designs have become sleeker, more adaptable, and more useful. Though you may just want more counter space for work or food, an island can also be chosen to contain more built-in kitchen appliances. These appliances may  include but are not limited to:

  • A larger sink basin that can help for cleaning dishes and rinsing fruits and pasta
  • A full stove to bring your cooking to the center of the room letting the chef be even more present in the conversations in the room
  • A bar to store drinks to entertain your guests

The extra space creates a more flexible kitchen and can making cooking not only an easy task, but also an enjoyable daily activity. When designing your kitchen island, you can choose from a variety of countertop materials. These wonderful options range from premium granite tops to different types of woods and plastics. Our online gallery can give you a broad view of our various past projects. As you can see,  the combination of practicality and beauty of our designs makes creating your own custom, artistic kitchen island a no-brainer.

With all the benefits and options of having one in your house,  it’s no surprise that more homeowners are choosing to have islands in their kitchens! If you’d like to discuss your kitchen with us we offer online sign-ups for appointments. For more great kitchen designs and daily updates find us on Facebook! Our goal is to build a beautiful kitchen for you.

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