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The holidays have finally passed – but spring is coming. The time has come to analyze your living space. What worked during the holiday season and what didn’t? Does entertaining new guests in 2017 mean kitchen island design or a complete kitchen remodel? What vision do you have for your living space?

We can help you make the tough decisions at Artistic Kitchens & More. Not only do we specialize in customized kitchen design, but we also work with kitchen cabinet refacing and kitchen island design. We’ve worked with bathroom redesign and closet organization. We’ve seen just about everything. And now, we want to work with your home!

Have you found that your kitchen doesn’t work as an entertainment space? We’ve heard it before. You need a kitchen island to bring everything together. 

When you replace your kitchen island, you should focus on picking a finish that will complement your kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, you may need to look into replacing your cabinets altogether. If you want a more affordable way to do both – look into kitchen cabinet refacing.

kitchen remodeling in 2017

Choose Artistic Kitchens & More in Marietta for your Kitchen Remodeling in 2107. Kitchen Island Design is one of our many specialties.

This particular process allows you to pick nearly any texture, color, or wood type while only replacing the sides and fronts of your cabinets. The interior cabinets (and, essentially, anything that can’t be seen from the outside) stay the same. As long as the interior portion of your cabinets is acceptable, kitchen cabinet refacing is a great choice for your family.

When deciding to work with a company for kitchen island design, you should also think carefully about spacing. What parts of your kitchen will need to move to make room? How can you improve your living space?

Don’t worry – you don’t need to have all of the answers. We can help answer your questions and create your design at Artistic Kitchens & More. While we pride ourselves in our ability to work closely with our customers on their kitchen redesign, we also work hard to come up with efficient solutions to your problems.

In summary, you can come up with your own kitchen solutions and we’ll make them happen – or we can come up with solutions for you. It all depends on what you want for your home.

Our Services and Focus

We primarily serve residential spaces in Marietta and surrounding cities. Our approach to kitchen design will guarantee value and functionality that you’ve only seen in your dreams. If you want to see your kitchen go through a complete makeover, give us a call today at (770)-998-0248  to schedule an appointment

You’ll be glad you did.

Our owners, Thomas and Art Mancino, are prepared to bring you peace of mind and organization. From back splashing to flooring to kitchen island design, our team is more than ready to bring our living space to life. As of recent, we added Don Christopher to our team and we are excited to have his skillset and knowledge along with the rest of ours. 

Thomas will bring unique ideas to the drawing board, while Art will communicate with local vendors to make the process as affordable as possible. If you aren’t looking to break the bank, we have opportunities available for you.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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