Great Kitchen Design Tips For Your Home

Spring is finally here! As we all know, spring represents the season of cleaning, reorganizing, and revamping your home. Have you noticed some serious structural problems in your kitchen while you’ve been trapped inside all winter? Let’s get started on fixing those problems. When you work with Artistic Kitchens & More, we can help bring your ideas to life. To help you along the way, we’re going to take a moment to share some of our favorite kitchen design tips.

(1) Focus on larger walkways. The pathway through your kitchen should be at least thirty-six inches wide – although forty-two or forty-eight inches is preferred if you plan on having more than one person cooking at a time. To give your kitchen the space it truly needs to be functional, consider downsizing kitchen islands or peninsulas.

(2) Think about the flow of your kitchen (this is one of the most important kitchen design tips we have to offer). For example, consider putting your oven above floor level to keep your child from reaching it during cooking hours. You should also consider making your fridge easily accessible for those who aren’t preparing a meal – that way, you can provide multiple functions at once.

(3) Take a moment to consider how you utilize your kitchen space. Walk yourself through several recipes. Where would item placement be most convenient? In some homes, having dishware and flatware near the dishwasher is highly convenient, making unloading less of a chore. What other examples can you find in your home?

(4) Remember that height makes a difference. As you plan your possible kitchen remodel, you need to be wary of mistakes that might affect the overall functionality of your home. For example, placing your microwave above countertop level is reasonable in a home for adults. With a child, however, you’ll be preparing meals until he or she is tall enough to reach. If you have children, consider placing the microwave below countertop level instead.

(5) Look at your work space. Where do you need additional space to prepare meals?  This kitchen design tip is essential. If your kitchen is covered in decorations, eating space, and appliances, you’ll have little room to actually get the job done. The amount of work space you need may vary on how often you cook and what you like to prepare. Simple meals require far less work space than steak dinners or large casseroles.

(6) Consider getting additional appliances that are used often – such as a mini fridge or a second microwave / oven. If you constantly find yourself waiting for space in the oven, the answer might be an addition to your kitchen. Does it seem like your kids always need to get into the fridge while you’re trying to cook dinner? Perhaps a mini fridge in another location would solve your problem. Be creative. You are the master of your kitchen, and anything goes!

(7) Our final tip? Make recycling easy by having a designated spot for each type (paper, plastic, glass, and metal). This will make it easier for everyone in your family to keep the kitchen organized – thus avoiding inevitable glass and plastic bottles all over the counter.

These kitchen design tips will help you reorganize your kitchen this spring – hopefully with the assistance of Artistic Kitchens & More. Give us a call at (770)-998-0248 or schedule an appointment online today.

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