Kitchen Design Techniques To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Larger

kitchen design for a small kitchenHaving a Small Kitchen Doesn’t Mean You have To Sacrifice A Good Kitchen Design

With so many older homes and apartments in the Atlanta and Marietta area, we are no strangers to small kitchens. A small kitchen can be frustrating and lack counter and storage space, as well as feel claustrophobic. A few kitchen design ideas to increase the appearance of size in small kitchen are mirrors, islands, lighting, open shelving, and maximization of space. Artistic Kitchens and More can take your small kitchen and give you a kitchen design that will solve your issues of space, as well as give you a great kitchen design with plenty of style.

How Can Mirrors Make My Kitchen Feel Larger?

Mirrors reflect light, which make the space look larger. On of the most utilizes kitchen design techniques is to use mirror to make the space look and feel larger. Adding a reflective backsplash will instantly make your kitchen feel and look larger. At Artistic Kitchen we will create a kitchen design that will help your space feel and look larger. Schedule Today!

How Can A Kitchen Island Give My Kitchen More Prepping Space and Storage?

The best way to increase counter space in a kitchen is with an island. The island will give your kitchen more prepping space as well as storage. Having an island with wheels is a great way to tuck the kitchen island away when not in use.

How Does Lighting Affect The Feel of The Kitchen?

Lighting can dramatically improve the look and feel of the kitchen. With lighting strategically placed throughout the kitchen your kitchen will begin to feel much more spacious. Lighting under the cabinets is a good way to improve the look and feel of your kitchen. And with a mirrored or reflective backsplash the look will come together to produce a spacious kitchen look and feel. Additionally recessed lighting can aid in removing lighting that hangs and takes away from the space by causing blockage in the line of sight. Removing those hanging lights will dramatically increase the feel of size in your kitchen.

Is Open Shelving a Good Kitchen Design Idea?

Of course, open shelving is a good way to show off some of your favorite dining ware pieces, but also installing open shelving can improve the look and feel of space in your small kitchen. For a kitchen design for a small kitchen contact Artistic Kitchens and More of Marietta, for a kitchen design that will improve the look and value of your home.

How Can I get More Storage In My Small Kitchen?

We always hear about the lack of storage space in our client’s kitchens. We can maximize storage space in a small kitchen by having the best organization. Reducing clutter, and putting away appliances is always a good way to have more kitchen space. There are ways to improve cabinet storage. Having a kitchen design team aid in organization, though utilizing every inch of space in your cabinets will aid with kitchen storage space. Also, if you are looking for a new kitchen design incorporating well thought out kitchen cabinetry and pantry space will maximize the space in your small kitchen. Schedule your kitchen remodel consultation today!

Whatever your needs for your small kitchen may be, let Artistic Kitchens and More create a functional kitchen design for your small space.

About Artistic Kitchens & More:

We bring artistic design, extraordinary features and functionality into your home to create the kitchen of your dreams. We are a licensed residential contractor. We provide the highest quality materials along with exceptional craftsmanship, making your dream kitchen a reality. We specialize in all aspects of the kitchen, from cabinet refacing, new counter tops, custom kitchen cabinets to a total kitchen remodel.

Our father and son team, (Art and Thomas Mancino), have completed many beautiful projects over the years. We have extended our services to include custom closets, minor bathroom upgrades as well as complete bathroom remodeling. Our goal is to create a design that pleases our client for many years to come.

From the initial consultation to the project’s final finishing touches you will see great attention to detail, no matter how big or small. I can genuinely say this because we are the ones doing the work.

We only have one name in this life. We truly believe that our name is only as good as the quality of work we deliver, thus we sign our name to each and every detail of each project. That is fact. We can also provide a long list of references to back up my claim. We incorporate the passion we have for our job into the work we do and it shows.

Aside from the personal touches, the other half of the project is the quality that the materials we can provide. We can happily say that the vast majority of our materials are made in the United States. We work with solid wood, not MDF or particleboard. We can and will work with these materials, but ultimately our goal is to give something that will last and that our customers will be happy with for a long time to come.

At Artistic Kitchens & More, we strive to meet the challenges of our clientele with understanding that each project is as unique and custom as the individual inviting us to come and talk shop with them. We take your needs, ideas, and your budget seriously, and will always be doing our best to see that your dollar stretches as far as it can possibly go.

We love serving our local community and are located in Marietta Georgia.

Our Service areas are Marietta, Woodstock, Canton, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Norcross, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming, and a few other areas close by.

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