5 Top Kitchen Color Trends You Will Love!

Check Out These Kitchen Color Trends For 2018

The stunning appeal of the best kitchen designs often comes from a variety of textures, colors, patterns, and materials that work together to create an overall cozy feeling. Often, designs succeed through the use of Kitchen Color Trends, which point designers toward a “no-fail zone” when choosing a palette. In this article, we’re going to discuss five kitchen palettes that have become increasingly popular in recent years. We hope these ideas will help you choose a kitchen design that makes your house feel like home.

5 Top Kitchen Color Trends you will love!

#1: An apple or pale green and gray palette with wood floors and stainless steel appliances.

Pale green and silver complement one another – especially when cabinets are painted green, paired with wood flooring and stainless steel appliances. The overall effect is almost ethereal when you add natural lighting and a minimalist design.

Kitchen Color Trends Expert Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Stainless steel appliances match nearly every trend.

#2: Bright accent colors in small doses.

Color Trends include bright colored backsplash Modern kitchen clean interior design

Modern kitchen color trends include a bright accent wall and built-in lighting in a neutral colored kitchen with quartz countertops.

Kitchens are becoming the preferred location for showcasing color in your home. Consider replacing traditional wooden chairs or benches with upholstered counterparts in patterned fabric. Using color in small doses on accent furniture is a more affordable way to inject color than replacing cabinetry or countertops. Accent pillows can bring even more color to your space. Popular accent colors include bright red, yellow, and blue patterns. You can also achieve accent with flowers, candles, and painted cabinetry. Countertops are often matched to the backsplash and quartz is the ideal material to utilize for backsplash and countertops. 

Kitchen Color Trends and beyond. Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Kitchen Color Trends and beyond. Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home.

Design Ideas For Your Kitchen floral prints and bright accents within a neutral setting

Design Ideas For Your Kitchen include accents with floral prints in bright colors within a neutral setting.

#3: A red and white palette.

Red and white complement one another well in bold kitchens. Consider pairing spicy red walls with bright white cabinets for stark contrast and a contemporary vibe.  There’s something elegant, yet fiery, in the mix.

Kitchen color trends include red and white kitchen combinations with backsplash going all the way up to the ceiling.

Kitchen color trends include red and white kitchen combinations with heavy duty stainless steel stovetop and ovens. Notice the backsplash extends all the way up to the ceiling. Another popular trend.

#4: Neutral tones – but not just white!

Elegant kitchen furniture

Picture of elegant kitchen furniture with solid wooden worktops


Other kitchen color trends include blue and black, gray and brown, and white and black palettes. While all-white kitchens are still trends, they are losing speed. Homeowners are beginning to favor patterned, multi-neutral palettes, with a series of complimentary colors that steal the spotlight. 

Kitchen Color Trends

Jewel tones are increasing in popularity and frequency.

#5: Jewel tones and contrasting colors.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas - Artistic Kitchens and More loves the new trends in kitchen design. Jewel Tones and Heavy Cabinets and Vintage Light Fixtures Are IN According to Latest Home Decor Trends

Artistic Kitchens & More loves the new kitchen color and styles for kitchen design in 2018. Jewel tones with vintage light fixtures are currently very popular.

Picture an off-white kitchen paired with dark sleek counters and violet or purple accents. You can also use jewel tones to accent bold colors. Like most recent trends, stainless steel appliances complement jewel tones organically. You’ll never have to worry about your palette going out-of-style. This trend will continue to grow as homeowners look for more ways to escape through bright, exciting colors in their living space.

Artistic Kitchens & More


The sky is the limit with new kitchen color trends. Give yourself time to explore before choosing a palette for your upcoming kitchen remodel. In the meantime, contact our experienced team at Artistic Kitchens & More. We specialize in kitchen design, kitchen remodeling, and kitchen cabinet replacement. Our experts can provide insight, answering your questions and helping you choose a design that fulfills your vision.

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