Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is it the way to go?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Answers

We all know that remodeling an entire kitchen can be costly. Your kitchen is, after all, one of the most important entertainment and shared spaces in your home. It can take years to save up for a proper remodel – and making the right decisions can be daunting. For many families, saving money on unnecessary cabinet replacement by exploring kitchen cabinet refacing is the solution that saves the bank. If you are planning on selling the home and want to give the kitchen a fresh look, cabinet refacing is an option that can help sell the home faster. 

What is kitchen cabinet refacing? While cabinet replacement involves completely tearing out your cabinets and installing news ones, cabinet refacing simply requires you to choose the color, texture, and type of veneer you want your visitors to see. From there, our team will remove all visible veneers and replace them, leaving you with a completely new look – but the same interior cabinets!

This process, of course, has a few repercussions. If you truly want a brand new look and feel for your kitchen, you might want to completely replace the interiors of your cabinets in addition to the exteriors. This would require cabinet replacement. If the interior structural portion of your cabinets is significantly damaged, kitchen cabinet refacing won’t be a viable option for your home.

Long story short? You need to be happy with the interior portion of your cabinets. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with cabinet refacing. Cabinet Refacing is a perfect solution if you are looking to restore the look of your kitchen and upgrade the actual cabinet front without having to restore the structure. Not only can you save money with this decision, but you can still have the look, style, and texture that you want in your home. You get all of the creativity and change with half of the commitment – and far less time or disruption. After all, completely removing cabinets takes time and requires more of an investment. The difference in time depends on various factors but the average job for cabinet refacing without complications should take 7 days on average depending on how many cabinets are being designed and installed, versus 4-6 weeks for custom cabinetry and complete remodeling can take even longer depending on the project.

Below is one of our local Cabinet Refacing Outcomes 

Cabinet Refacing After

In Summary Cabinet refacing has grown in popularity over the last decade. Refacing involves installing a new veneer over the faces and exposed sides of your existing boxes and replacing the door and drawer fronts with new panels.

Pros of Cabinet Refacing 

Cost – Depending on layout and cabinet sizes, many contractors can reface cabinets for about 30 to 50 percent of the cost of installing new units.
Time – The cabinets in an average kitchen can typically be refaced in two to four days with minimum disruption to your home life.
Flexibility – While not offering quite as many options as buying new units, refacing still allows you to completely change the style and finish of your cabinets.

Before Kitchen Cabinet Refacing – Same Kitchen as featured above

Hunnewell Before

Cons of Cabinet Refacing 

Cabinet boxes – Refacing uses your existing cabinet boxes so if they’re in rough shape, they aren’t going to look any better when the job is complete.
Layout – Refacing limits you to your existing cabinet layout.
Value – Potential purchasers often place a higher value on new cabinets.

We’re prepared for either option. Artistic Kitchens & More is a well-known small independent kitchen remodeling and design company based in Marietta, Georgia. Art and Thomas Mancino are members of the community and have operated in Marietta and nearby cities for more than eleven years. 

Give us a call at (770)-998-0248 or schedule an appointment online today. Our job is to bring your vision to life. Let us know what you see, and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen within a reasonable timeframe and budget. We enjoy being honest with our customers, and we like to keep you updated throughout the process. This is your dream and your home. We simply provide the expertise.

Artistic Kitchens and More are prepared to help you remodel your kitchen this spring. Whether you decide for kitchen cabinet refacing, island replacement, complete cabinet replacement, or you need more ideas from us to solidify your decision we can make it easy at our first consult with you. Check us out on Houzz and feel free to read our reviews posted around the web. 


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