Kitchen Trends include Smart Home Technology

Inspiring Kitchen Trends Include Smart-Kitchen Technology

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If you love and follow HGTV online or on TV, you understand that the latest kitchen trends include modern conveniences even in a traditional style home. If you are planning a kitchen remodel it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices of materials, styles, functions, and colors. 

Kitchen trends include unique Backsplash tile that extends beyond the traditional areas and hight. Open storage shelves versus upper cabinetryKitchen Trends include unique Backsplash Tile that extends beyond the traditional areas and achieves full ceiling hight. Choose open storage shelves versus upper cabinetry.

The question most homeowners struggle with is how to make the right choice when it comes to deciding what is right for their home.  There are so many inspiring kitchen trends, some will stay, and some will go. The beautiful thing is that there seems to be a strong focus (enforced by celebrity home designers) on creating a kitchen and home space that matches the unique lifestyle, behaviors and, likes of each homeowner versus one particular trend. Uniquely You is the Trend! 

kitchen trends 2018 Marietta, GA

If you want long lasting easy to maintain countertops, choose quartz as your material. With many color choices and affordable price points, you can invest money in your cabinetry, flooring and, backsplash instead. When it comes to materials, flooring, colors and even textures there are many kitchen trends on opposite spectrums. There are however a few basic elements that can be applied to any kitchen. Afterall, we want you to love your kitchen a bit longer than a short-lived trend. Whether you decide to go for modern, traditional, or transitional, you should go with your initial instinct when it comes to the infrastructure. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas - Artistic Kitchens and More loves the new trends in kitchen design. Jewel Tones and Heavy Cabinets and Vintage Light Fixtures Are IN According to Latest Home Decor Trends

Top Kitchen Trends include Large Tiles for Floors paired with glossy counter tops, metal hardware, and custom cabinetry. Jewel-toned accessories are trending too.

Top Kitchen Trends include Smart Home Technology

Keep your eye out for all the stunning kitchen trends to come, but don’t be confused about the difference between essential features and a short-lived trend. So what is on the horizon for the upcoming year?  The latest Hot Topic in kitchen design is finding the best ways to incorporate Smart Home Technology whether its an upgrade or a new home. Kitchen Trends come and go, but Smart Home Technology is here to stay. 

Whether you want to stay in your home for many years to come, or you want to sell your home in the future, it is important to consider smart technology for your convenience. It looks like a few things may even be essential when it comes to the near future. Not all trends are keepers, there are a few Kitchen Trends we can actually get behind. Heck, Smart Home technology even offers intuitive wristband options that will brew your coffee, turn your shower on, and change the temperature based on your tracked patterns and inputs from your application attached to your device. 

How about a hand in the kitchen?

Well, not a real hand, but a robotic hand. Are you ready for this next decade?

Ready or not this is amazing technology. We would rather season our own food though. Backsplash that tracks our behavior to assist us with our cooking, cleaning, or to collect recipes. A bit creepy?  We will just have to get use to it.


How about a helping hand when it comes to cleaning your dishes?  

Kitchen Trends To Enjoy For A While 

  1. Incorporate Smart Home Technology – MAYBE INVEST IN  A CHEF ROBOT? The Future is Now!
  2. Stick to Neutral Flooring 
  3. It’s Here To Stay – White or Gray Kitchens 

Add To Smart Home Technology To Your Kitchen

Smart Home Technology has entered kitchens full force and not just in the area of Smart Appliances. From lighting controls to Wi-Fi electrical outlets, the options are without limits as long as your budget permits it and you commit to doing the groundwork for your kitchen remodel. 

Smart Home Technology in kitchens is more than a passing trend. Smart kitchens will be the way of the future and the future is now.

Much like your car’s ability to locked and unlocked from your cell phone, tablet or work computer, Kitchens and living spaces are no different.  Technology is evolving at a speed that makes our heads spin, it can be quite overwhelming especially for those of us that were not born in the last two decades.

Step into the 2018 HGTV Smart Home 

If we have to cope with some of the downsides of technology like sitting in a local bar with ten others and everyone is on their phones scrolling, then we should consider taking full advantage of all the upsides and conveniences of smart technology that we did not dream of not even ten years ago.

  Just think of the first remote control room fans we celebrated and bragged about not that long ago. Now you can control your AC, make your fan spin at full speed, print dog treats from your 3D Printer and disarm your security system all from your phone within minutes.

Kitchen Trends include Wood Counters and Glass Cabinet Doors

This is why a lot of kitchens today are built smart from the ground up. For older kitchens, it is important to consider upgrading all sensors and fixtures while the remodeling is being completed. Even if you are not ready to implement ALL of what technology has to offer, you should make sure that any necessary pre-wiring and installing of sensors is completed in case you change your mind.

The last thing you want to do is upgrade your kitchen only to find out that you will have to tear up portions of the newly installed backsplash, flooring or other expensive upgrades because of a few hardwires that could have been done during your remodel.  WIFI connected electrical outlets should be part of your thought process in any room of the house.  But it’s bigger than that.  For example “Smart Refrigerators” are projected to be one of the most popular kitchen options for homeowners around the country in the very near future. Those will require pre-wiring. Though wireless options should be available for your Smart Fridge, you want to incorporate wiring for ethernet and video capabilities you will be using the fridge a lot so don’t take any chances.  Tym’s founder and Home Technologist Matt Montgomery advises adding 2 Cat5e’s just in case.  

Repeaters for Lighting Control in  your kitchen and home

Tym’s founder and Home Technologist Matt Montgomery recommends pre-wiring various areas of your home for your lighting control system’s repeaters with Cat5e’s.

Repeaters increase the range of the lighting control system within your home. Even if you don’t place repeaters initially having the Cat5e’s in various areas will give you the option for repeaters later. Repeaters should be placed about every 30 feet for best range. 

Beyond Kitchen Trends – Prewire everything 

Your motion sense equipped kitchen may include touchless faucets, one-touch feature refrigerators with alert- and reminder capabilities, (we all hate when we run low on our favorite midnight snack). we already mentioned both, the fridge and the lighting system that will allow you to control all the lights from your smartphone or tablet, water leak sensors for your dishwasher, and smoke alert sensors just to name a few.

Technology integrated kitchens are becoming more than popular, they are becoming the way of our daily routine in today’s world.

Welcome To My Smart Home The Future Is Now

White Kitchens Stay!

White kitchens are truly timeless and are here to stay, that is as long as you change or old fixtures, upgrade your appliances and don’t forget to add Wi-Fi Electrical outlets so you can get alerts from your NEW refrigerator when your favorite snack is running low.  

Wood instead of Stone

Current Kitchen Trends wooden countertops and wood-paneled backsplash. Wood can be an attractive alternative to traditional materials such as granite or quartz. When it comes to countertops there are many choices out there, wood made a comeback and we believe it will remain one of the longer lasting kitchen trends, much like white kitchens. Natural-wood countertops are enjoying their comeback to the design world and have been spotted in the latest home design publications such as HGTV. Made from pieces of hardwood then laminated together with glue for stability, they provide a warm, natural surface in any kitchen. Wood is wonderfully forgiving, gentle on dishes, and absorbs the noise of your daily household madness. (No echo when cursing at Alexa). It can be refinished if it is damaged or stained and is a timeless alternative to other materials. Be aware that wood may require some additional TLC. Unfinished countertops require monthly oiling.  The downside to wood is that it can easily be damaged with harsh cleaners and vinegar (vinegar can break up the glue) Your wood countertops could last a lifetime if you take care of it.

Budget-Friendly Butcher Block Countertops 

On a budget? Natural unfinished wood such as Birch or Beech can actually cost less than some manufactured materials. The cost of budget-friendly woods such as birch or beech is less than some natural stones and just a bit more than laminate. If you buy counters with a manufacturer wood-finish (clear coat), the coat should last for years to come and may never require a repeat treatment, but if so, your warranty may cover it. There are many other factors to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect countertop material for your kitchen and home. Wood, for example, does damp noises and stone enhances noises. On the other hand, wood is also not fireproof, so if you are a candle fanatic and are careless, wood counters may not be the best option for you. Ask your kitchen design company prior to committing to any countertop materials. 

Modernize Your Kitchen

Butcher Block Counter Tops, Kitchen Islands with a natural wood finish, check with our kitchen design team to find out more.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Adding glass doors to upper cabinetry is one of the hottest most popular trends regardless of what style kitchen, it adds an attractive flair and can also be functional. Glass cabinet doors come in many styles and sizes and depending on the size and shape of your kitchen your contractor will discuss the best choices. Shaker Cabinets like the ones featured here, look great with a glossy finish and enhance the look of this modern kitchen. The Hardware you choose can have a big influence on the style and final look of your kitchen, so take your time when deciding which hardware you want to go with. Of course, hardware can be added and changed fairly easily.

Metallics are in every year but expect to see them splashed across various surfaces and fixtures this year. The Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, will be popular in kitchens and homes for 2018-2019. We suspect that this color will probably be one of the short-lived kitchen trends. 

Metals:  From Silver to Copper, expect to see a rise in the use of metal in kitchens for the upcoming year

Designers around the country are constantly finding ways to incorporate metals into modern and transitional kitchens and no amount of “glitz” is too much for some of the trendier homeowners. Sinks are now more commonly made of metal, and copper is coming on the scene slowly. Use metal on your cabinet or sink hardware to add a unique flair, or check out colored appliances with metal trim for a sophisticated look and a bit of contrast. That small splash of gold or brass on your faucet can really make all the difference. 

Copper and metal sinks are back - kitchen trends 2018

Large Tile for floors are back and seem to be here to stay for a while. Neutral tile can complement any kitchen style.  2018 Kitchen Trends include clean Architectural lines and contrasting BRIGHT colors (such as orange or green) can be incorporated into cabinetry, kitchen tables, and accessories. 

Tile Floors are becoming trendy this year and can really compliment any kitchen style. Kitchen Trends include modern clean lines.

Kitchen Trends include lots of neutrals with a pop of color

Kitchen Trends: Greige or Gray and more Shades of Gray:  Looking for a timeless, sophisticated neutral color that won’t overwhelm even the most delicate of palettes? Expect to see all shades of gray from warm “greige” tones to cool-toned blue-gray hues. Gray cabinets pair with almost every popular kitchen finish, from raw stone, polished marble, brushed metallics, or wood stains. Or trying pairing gray walls with a bold accent wall, in vibrant shades like pink, green, orange, or yellow.

Kitchen Trends and beyond. Vintage style dining with gray and neutrals - kitchen trends

Kitchen Trends include silver grays, and lots of neutrals with a pop of color and lots of open space.

 Neutral Floor Tile:  Although we love a good statement rug, rugs aren’t always practical or durable enough for the kitchen. Add floor tile, which lends a more subtle look and it it does not take away from your bold backsplash or colorful paint. Tile also looks good with both colored and metallic appliances, depending on what suits your fancy. Neutral tile has the advantage of being timeless and can be utilized in a modern, or transitional kitchen, as well as your good old traditional kitchen. 

Large Floor Tile in a contemporary open living concept home - Current Kitchen Trends include statement tile.

Large Floor Tile in a contemporary open concept home – Current Kitchen Trends include statement tile.

 Blue & Green Moody, ocean and forest-inspired shades are anticipated to become even more popular for kitchen cabinets. 

Interior blue kitchen.

Color Therapy – Blue and green have been called the “go-to” shades for the upcoming year by top design experts, as the cool shades were top choices in kitchens for 2017 and early 2018. 

Kitchen Trends include sleek modern counter finishes and colorful custom cabinetry as well as glass cabinet doors on the upper cabinetry.

Blue and green can be used when adding modern or traditional cabinetry and certainly add character and color to a neutral kitchen. Backsplash paint is gaining popularity and sure beats the cost of the tile backsplash. It is also a great way to create contrast and add a splash of color to your kitchen. Blue and green cabinets also work well with raw stone, wood, and laminates. 

Modern kitchen clean interior design

Quartz Countertops paired with glossy paint in place of the traditional backsplash. 

  Black appliances are hot in a new way, with interior designers finding more ways to incorporate them into modern kitchens. Appliance distributor Big Chill says that Black Appliances add instant sophistication to large and small kitchens. Black appliances can be particularly striking when paired with metals or glossy finishes. 

Black appliances can add flair to a light kitchen. It is included in Top Kitchen Trends for 2018.

Black appliances can add flair to a light kitchen. It is included in Top Kitchen Trends for 2018.

Pair black appliances with copper kitchen cookware for a classic contrast or pair with silver to instantly reflect light. Black and gold make for a dash of flash for your kitchen, while black and brushed nickel paired together make for a unique combo that is sure to impress.


Kitchen Trends include black and white backsplash patterns

Of all the kitchen trends, black and white will always stand the test time. Well, maybe not checker-board backsplash or flooring.

Tile Floors are becoming trendy this year and can really compliment any kitchen style. Kitchen Trends include modern clean lines. Black and white and textured back splash as well as removing the top cabinetry is also a continued Kitchen trend




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