Impressive Design Ideas For Your Kitchen

Impressive, Bold Design Ideas For Your Kitchen

The Options Are Limitless!

Looking to rejuvenate your kitchen space in 2018? There’s never been a better time. From concrete and backsplash, to bright colors and flat cabinetry, to textured tile and glass, the possibilities are truly endless. In this article, we’re going to walk you through several Design Ideas For Your Kitchen. For more current trends and concepts, visit HGTV or Houzz. These companies have provided our team with impressive trends for years – and they’ll never disappoint in the depth and breadth of their coverage.

Design Ideas For Your Kitchen

Backsplash Boldness

We’ll start with one of our favorite concepts – bold and/or mirrored backsplash. Gone are the days when dark, neutral colors ruled the room. A mirrored backsplash can make your kitchen feel larger, brighter, and smoother, especially when paired with marble countertops. Other bold backsplash styles, including subway tile and traditional square pieces, are making a striking comeback. You’ll find upgraded apartments and newly constructed homes are filled with wall accents and jewel tones. We’re brightening our kitchens, a little at a time.

Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Concrete and Natural Stone

More than ever, homeowners are using diverse materials to design their kitchen. Countertops, cabinets, backsplash, and appliances are grappling with a significant makeover.

According to John Morgan, former president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, “Tile is still the most popular backsplash material, with natural stone a fast-growing second. But with the right installer, you can make just about any material work.” 

There’s more than granite to countertops, more than tile to backsplash, and more than hardwood to flooring. Think outside the realm of “normal” and see what interesting materials you can use in your kitchen space. New trends include concrete, stone, and marble.

Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Patterned Decorations

While pillows with inspirational quotes are no longer trending, patterned decorations are coming back with a vengeance. Floral patterns, in particular, are making the rounds in homes across the country. Again, homeowners are looking to brighten their living space with pleasant textures, images, and colors. It can be difficult to find the line between pleasant and sensory overload. That’s where a professional design team comes in handy.

Textured Tile

If you prefer a relatively neutral kitchen, textured tile presents the perfect opportunity to add a little glitz and glamour without going overboard. Consider pairing sculptured backsplash with smooth cabinetry and quartz countertops. There are dozens of combinations. Choose colors and materials that complement your sense of personal style. 

Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Flat Cabinetry

Of all the Design Ideas For Your Kitchen we present in this article, this is perhaps the boldest. For the past five years, shaker-style cabinets have dominated the industry. While these panels will always be popular, you should consider flat-front cabinetry for your kitchen. These slim panels come in many shapes and sizes, allowing for customization while adding a sleek, modern feel to your living space. Small, unique hardware can be attached for easy access – although some homeowners prefer the push-and-release option.

Banquette Seating

Imagine a restaurant booth in your kitchen. That, in essence, is banquette seating. Whether you add a built-in booth to one side of your dining room table, to both sides of a creative nook, or to your nicest windowsill, you’ll participate in one of the newest trends in dining. Families want to return to comfy, cozy, and homey. Banquette seating makes that possible, complete with soft fabric and several throw pillows.

In Closing

At Artistic Kitchens & More, we keep our team up-to-date on recent trends, styles, and Design Ideas For Your Kitchen. Our independent kitchen designers take pride in their ability to improve the feel and flow of your living space. For more information about our company and our services, call our office at (770)-998-0248. You can also request an appointment online or visit our Facebook Page for ongoing tips and tricks.

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