Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2018 Include Ultra Violet Accents

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends – “Options Are Plenty” 

How To Get Started:  

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends offer a lot of options, too many almost. Once you’ve gathered your ideas, which you will need to narrow down from the 50 graphics you saved from Pinterest, Houzz, Facebook, or other Social Media Platforms, you must choose the perfect match to undertake your project. Kitchen Remodeling is an intimate experience. When you decide on a Kitchen Remodeling  Company you should choose a renovation partner that wants the best for you, someone you click with and someone that gets your ideas and wants to make them come to life.  So meet with 2-3 companies. Of course, you should have a budget in mind to avoid wasting your time and theirs. Whoever you choose should care deeply about keeping you in the loop. Your focus should remain the final outcome and what you desire, not on sub-contractors and day to day stress.  The contractor you choose should have an open line of communication throughout your kitchen upgrade. Prior to getting started make sure you have a timeline you agree on along with a budget and after the design plan is finished the kitchen remodel should be well on its way. Of course, whoever you choose should be able to deal with the sub-contractors and additional headaches. Kitchen remodels often include adding new cabinetry or refacing old cabinetry, adding and replacing backsplash, adding or replacing kitchen islands, hardware, fixtures, etc. That means weeks of whomever you choose in your space, so choose wisely.

Let us recap the basics

  • Gather Your Ideas
  • Narrow Down Your Ideas
  • Come Up With A Budget
  • Mee with 2-3 Contractors
  • Choose Your Contractor
  • Create Initial Design Plan
  • Agree On A Time-Line & Budget
  • Get Started


Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Modern – Transitional – Blending Styles – Painted Cabinets – The Sky is the Limit

Current kitchen trends include gray and blue cabinetry, (trying to kick white kitchens of the throne is going to be hard though). Bold accent colors, with even bolder hardware and the blending of textures, seems to be popular as well. So do you reface your cabinets and put the money in your countertops and island? So many choices and decisions to make it can be simply overwhelming.

Local Kitchen Remodeling

Make your home stand out from the crowd. Follow and for the latest and greatest in home trends, Houzz has amazing pictures for your idea book, and HGTV offers articles published by popular bloggers in the design industry. We often visit those sites and have been known to write a blog or two that is industry specific. Find out about Latest Home Decor Trends For 2018 and get great ideas for your kitchen remodel.

Ultra Violet as an accent color throughout the Home is the absolute Top Trend No Doubt! 

This European kitchen is not quite our style, but the trend is now in the USA. Top colors featured on Houzz include Ultra-Violet for Home Design.

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends include Ultra Violet and Purple Accents

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends include UltraViolet and Purple Accents

Luxury modern interior of living room ,Ultraviolet home decor concept ,purple sofa and black table with gold lamp on light purple wall and woodfloor ,3d render

Top Trend in Home Design – UltraViolet Color Accent – Or Takeover!

You should also narrow down your choices by finding out the cost of specific projects included in your remodel. Lots of homeowners forget that there might be a dimension and budget limitation. Whether performing a complete Kitchen Remodel, installing Custom Kitchen Cabinets or refacing your cabinets, you should gather your design ideas as this will help you with making your final decision. Trends include glass cabinetry, open cabinetry, and all-natural cabinetry. (bringing together neutral tones and unique handles).

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends include Glass Cabinetry sleek countertop surfaces and bold hardware with modern light fixtures and auto touch faucets

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends include Glass Cabinetry sleek countertop surfaces and bold hardware with modern light fixtures and auto touch faucets

Upgraded kitchens have become a cacophony of simplicity, texture, and color. That means possibly avoiding an all-white kitchen, and instead, adding new cabinetry styles and colors. Oh, apparently Live, Laugh, Love” decorations must go… This is according to the “Design World POLICE”. In the end, we believe that you should get what you love and can live with. If you want a timeless upgrade that offers a smooth transition into the future, Your remodeler should be willing and able to sit and discuss your goals in detail. That is what’s  often different when dealing with a small local kitchen remodeling company.  A personal touch and sincere interest in our neighbors’ design dreams.

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends are showing neutral color blends with powerful commercial grade stoves and modern hardware.

Cabinet Refacing is a great option for homeowners on a budget, or if you are planning to sell your home!

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Neutral colors, warm undertones, smooth countertop surfaces, and modern hardware are a view aspects of the Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends.

Do you need more ideas? We have you covered! Here You Can View HGTV’s Dream Kitchens 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to save cost and time

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends include refacing cabinets to save on cost and time, and more money seems to be invested in kitchen islands, commercial-grade stoves and backsplash tile as well as new shine countertops. Cabinet Refacing usually involves using the interior portion of your existing cabinets to furnish new cabinet veneers. However, there is more to it. Usually, there are three options, refinishing being one of them. We don’t offer this option. But if you are on a tight budget this is second best to painting your cabinets without doing anything else. You should consider true cabinet refacing if you want an affordable makeover that guarantees flexibility.  You should not consider cabinet refacing if the interior portion of your existing cabinets is unviable (or, in other words, needs to be replaced because of severe structural damage). Often, cabinets made from composition board don’t have the same lifespan as solid wood cabinets. So let us go over the three most common options.

1. Refinish or paint existing cabinet and drawer fronts. Most inexpensive option, but not long lasting 

2. Install new wood or laminate veneer over existing cabinet and drawer fronts.

3. Install completely new cabinet doors and drawer fronts – Best Option for long-lasting cabinetry.

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends include painted cabinets. Teal Base Cabinetry and Top Glass & Wood Cabinetry

Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends include painted cabinets. Teal Base Cabinetry and Top Glass & Wood Cabinetry

If your cabinets are made from composition board, we suggest investing in custom cabinets or at least a cabinet upgrade. If your cabinets are solid wood, your local choice for your kitchen will likely remove the veneers are replace them with a new texture, color, and material to change the look of your kitchen for a less drastic price. Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is like a “Mini Facelift” for Cabinets.” Most contractors will install a new, solid veneer on the faces of all wall and base cabinets. We usually replace exposed side or rear panels as well. This all depends on your budget and on the shape your cabinets are in. Additionally, we can replace cabinet doors and drawer fronts, too! Your entire kitchen will change without complete demolition. Don’t worry the average refacing project is 7-10 days, (Depending on the size of the kitchen and if everything goes as planned).

If you live in the North Atlanta Metro Area feel free to contact us.  Learn more about our business by visiting Facebook and Pinterest. We offer service in Marietta, Woodstock, Canton, Roswell, Norcross, John’s Creek, and even further North. We’ve been known to travel for a challenge, as long it is not into the city. We will remodel in Sandy Springs but are not equipped to work in small hard to access condos in Midtown for example.

Check out some of our reviews gathered from the internet. We hope this article was informative and gave you some insight.

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