Creative Design Ideas for Kitchens

Creative Design Ideas – The Beginning Of Your New Kitchen

When you are thinking about creating a new style for a kitchen it can be very daunting. There are so many amazing home and garden shows out there from Fixer Upper to Flip or Flop and their design styles are so different. Knowing where to start your creative design ideas can be a struggle all in its’ own. Our Team at Artistic Kitchens & More is located in the Marietta (Woodstock) area but serves many surrounding cities in the North Metro Atlanta area. We hope you enjoy our contribution to creative design ideas and enjoy the article.

creative design ideas for kitchens

Creative Design Ideas for Kitchens in and around the cities of  Marietta, Georgia. From brights pops of color to beautiful tiles. 

 Top 6 Creative Design Ideas for Kitchens

Wood and More Wood: Wood in many forms and applications is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s kitchen designs. The use of wood countertops is popular or adding a raw edge to a seating area in the bar is also a beautiful way to highlight wood. Another option may be installing raw edge wooden shelving. When done properly this can look amazing in any kitchen. Also, thanks to Joanna Gaines, and Chip Gaines the use of Shiplap on the walls is super popular these days. Although it can get a little costly, an older home may have existing shiplap already. You can also think about how to highlight wood in your kitchen through the floors. Wood floors are not only durable but beautiful as well. We specifically love Wood Countertops that serve as a contrast piece to an all-white kitchen. Remember that Wood Countertops require continues maintenance and are not as resistant to heat or cold as some other materials. If you are looking to save money and need something a bit more durable and maintenance free, consider Quartz Counter Tops instead.


creative design ideas for your kitchen

Wood and more Wood for Kitchens 2018


Creative Design Ideas for Kitchen include Wood Islands in Tuscany Style Kitchens

Creative Design Ideas for Kitchen include Wood Islands in Tuscany Style Kitchens







Mono-Chromatic Kitchens: White on White is a classic, but at Artistic Kitchens and Bath we can take white on white to a whole new level. Think white cabinets and a white quartz countertop with beautiful white leather bar stools at the kitchen island. Ways to break up a monochromatic kitchen is with the use of texture. We would think of different white backsplashes maybe with a little opal to them or tiles that have depth and design to them. This will make your kitchen design look clean and elegant.

Creative Design for kitchens include White Kitchens and Stainless Steel Sinks

Mono-Chromatic Kitchens are trending in the U.S.A for 2018-2019

Functionality: There is nothing more important than having a beautiful kitchen, no wait, yes there is…functionality is sometimes more important than beauty. Today’s kitchen designs incorporated kitchen functionality such as drawers below the sink where you can store all of your cleaning supplies. When you think about new cabinets you want to include cabinets and drawers that have hidden cabinets or even spaces for pots and pans and distinct separators. Functionality can be built into any creative design ideas for kitchens.

Functional Space - Creative Design Ideas for kitchens shown here in this beautiful chocolate colored Kitchen

Functional Space – Creative Design Ideas for Kitchens shown here in this beautiful chocolate colored Kitchen


Kitchen Styles include hidden appliances and industrial style decor

Lots of Kitchens now include black appliances – Modern luxury kitchen with integrated stainless steel appliances and a bit of traditional design!

Simple Black & White Kitchen Design:  Nothing stands the test of time better than a creative kitchen design in black and white, even paired with red it can be stylish and comfy. There are so many applications with a black and white kitchen. You can create a timeless kitchen with black granite countertops with white cabinets and black and gold pendant lighting. Pops of green foliage can also accentuate a simple black and white kitchen design. Today, there are really interesting tile designs that looks beautiful as black and white floors as opposed to the old-fashioned black and white square tiles. Whatever you decide, a simple black and white kitchen design can be a blank canvas open to so many different creative design ideas for kitchens.


Creative design for kitchens

Creative Design Ideas for kitchens now include sleek modern design with smooth surfaces and large tile flooring.

Mixing old and new:  If you have an older home, there may be an old piece in the kitchen or your home that can be repurposed, whether it is an old cabinet that now acts a bar. There are so many different ways you can repurpose antique furniture. A secretary desk could now function as a bar cabinet in your updated kitchen design.

Creative Design Ideas - Kitchen Island Design 16841882 – travertine house – view on kitchen and dining room

Creative Design Ideas for kitchens include pairing the old with the new. Pairing a modern commercial grade stovetop with a wood countertop could really give it a modern, yet cozy atmosphere. Transitional kitchens are huge for 2018-2019

The Use of Concrete: There’s a lot to be inspired by when it comes to concrete countertops. The material has a bunch of great properties that make it a really good option for kitchens. But it’s not just that. A concrete counter also looks very beautiful. It has a solid and robust feel and it has that beautifully polished roughness that makes it irresistible. Private residences designed in the recent few years often feature concrete counters in their open space kitchens.

Did you know that Concrete Counters can be paired with glass to create a more colorful option? Yes, and this option is truly stunning.

We found some published Concrete Counter Top images. Note: *We do not own the images of concrete countertops displayed and are simply sharing published samples.

We hope you enjoyed our article about creative design ideas for kitchens. You may be at a loss as to where to start. Know that style and design is completely up to you and your design preferences. Schedule a consultation with us and we can meet your design needs. 

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