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Start designing your country kitchen by choosing the cabinets. Painted white cabinets are common to country kitchen styles, but you can add a unique touch by choosing a different neutral color, like cream or pale yellow. Choose cabinets made with wide-plank fronts to bring in a barn-style design. Crown molding is also popular in country kitchen cabinet design

If you are thinking of going the do-it-yourself route with cabinets, then it’s fun to play with various paints and textures to achieve your desired style. Give painted cabinetry a distressed, rustic look with special tools, and pair it with a countertop made from light-colored wood, like maple. Also, if you have the space for it, consider using the rustic cabinets to create a kitchen island with breakfast bar



Floors in a farmhouse style kitchen are often made from light wood, varying in style and size. Again, consider wide planks to give the space an authentic country look. 
Complete the look of your kitchen area by incorporating country-style elements, like a cookie canister decorated with a rooster or vintage tools that you discovered at a flea market. Just be sure not to overdo these design elements, instead of including them in small doses throughout the area.


From traditional arrangements to the latest design layouts, you’ll have plenty of choices and an opportunity to pick the style that best suits your Country Kitchen Design and Tips - Kitchen Renovations in Marietta Georgia- Artistic Kitchens and More LLC design and functionality goals before the project begins.

When you begin researching your country kitchen layout, it’s likely that you’ll come across a particular phrase again and again: work triangle. 



This old saw of kitchen layout design refers to the relationship between three key elements of any functional kitchen design project: The sink, stove, and refrigerator.

The majority of kitchen design layouts will feature a version of the work triangle because nobody wants to travel too far from one element of the triangle to the next.  So even if you’re considering a unique personalized kitchen layout for your country kitchen, stay focused on a specific functional goal. It’s probably best to try to maintain the work triangle as much as the overall layout allows.

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