Countertop Choices & Kitchen Project Trends for 2017-2018

Preferred Countertop Choices – Trending Styles

Countertops are an essential component of the kitchen. It is where all the family time is usually spent and even entertaining often takes place in and around your Kitchen space. More than that, countertops have always been the focal point of the kitchens when doing a kitchen remodel countertop choices came first and always had the burden of setting the atmosphere and feel of the kitchen. Seeing its importance in kitchen design, it truly matters what materials and finishes you choose for your countertops. We have put together current countertop trends for 2017-2018 to give you creative ideas for your own kitchen. As you would expect, these trends focus on color and material choices. Spoiler alert: Quartz is still the Queen for countertops. The modern Kitchen below is a perfect example of sleek thin slabs of Quartz being utilized in a Waterfall Kitchen Island. Skylights are back, natural lighting better than ever.

Waterfall Kitchen Islands


Quartz – The Timeless Countertop Choice 

Countertop Choices for Waterfall Kitchen islands include quartz and marble.

Quartz was introduced as a high-end alternative to granite.  Granite a natural rock that has dominated the countertop scene for a long time in the past. Homeowners who want something strong, durable and stylish use to choose granite, but the downside has always been that granite countertops are porous. This means that liquids like water, wine, and oils could seep through the surface causing staining and more than that unless properly sealed granite countertops can also be unsanitary. 

The porous issue can be resolved by sealing the granite with a non-porous sealant. But the sealant wears off with time and depending on how actively you use your countertops the countertops have to be resealed frequently, which is not cost-effective, nor a good use of the homeowners time. 

Expert Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Expert Kitchen Remodeling TipsQuartz is non-porous and does not have to go through regular sealing. Quartz is also resistant to staining and is one of the most hygienic countertop choices that builders and homeowners choose to work with. Add to that the fact that quartz is super durable, making it ideal and you can see why it is not going anywhere. This countertop material is the high-end choice for many homeowners now and in the future. 

Quartz now comes in many styles and colors, and you can create a granite, marble or natural stone look without causing a headache. Of course, some builders and homeowners still prefer to use granite and for lofts, the exposed brick look is still very in. Contact our team for more information and to schedule a design consultation.



For 2017-2018, “Kitchen Quartz Countertops” will stay the number one choice for luxury homeowners, apartments, and condos.


Quartz the Countertop Choice with Character


kitchen countertop choices include quartz that looks like marble with the price advantages and durability of Quartz Homeowners are seeking a bit more character in their kitchens, and though countertop choices are more neutral and sleek than ever, modern technology allows for creative solutions when it comes to your Countertop. Today, countertops come in a wide variety of patterns unlike the of the busy and sometimes distracting styles of years past.  Say goodbye to the round particulates of countertops if you prefer the sleek look you are truly in luck. 

Materials like quartz are being designed to resemble slabs of natural stone much like granite & marble. Countertop trends include neutral colors with veins in interesting patterns.  Th Wow Factor can be created by pairing a sleek countertop design in a neutral color with a pop of color in your subway tile backsplash as an example. If you desire something more natural then no need for a polished sleek piece, instead you can choose a leathered finish that has the durability needed for the kitchen but have a unique look. 

In keeping up with modern DECOR, we can create a true love affair with low profile countertops that are thin and sleek in look. Thin countertops are getting more popular by the day and all the traditionally views on thickness required have literally gone out the door.  Many Homeowners have opted for a 3/4 inches countertop thickness versus the previous 4 inches. The maximum thickness used is often under two inches.

In recent years, sleek modern designs have taken over the kitchen and transitional kitchens are the talk on Houzz and HGTV this goes for the entire home. It was therefore just a matter of time before the countertop had to have a heavy involvement in order to create a more modern look even for homes that remain traditional, the kitchen has become the space to create a transitional more sleek look. The low-profile neutral trend for kitchens In 2017-2018 started with the kitchen countertop design being more discreet. The low profile neutral countertops give the homeowners many choices with their interior design.  Even window treatment choices are endless when the countertops are neutral. Many homeowners use a pop of color by changing the knobs on their stove to red or even turquoise.  

As with the popularity of neutral colors, it feels like there is an increased focus on placing countertops in the background as much as possible in favor of highlighting other areas in the kitchen such as the backsplash. From the color of the material used to the slab’s  thickness, the definition of trendy has changed. 

A slim countertop makes a kitchen feel trendy, cool and urban, but the decor can also make it more transitional or even traditional. Slimmer countertops also have the effect of increasing perceived space, this is accomplished with large windows also. So if you have a small kitchen, slimmer may actually increase the size visually. 


So are we completely living the speckled look behind? Yes, apparently the sleek and modern look is taken over the most traditional Kitchen Spaces. 


Countertop choices

Though the speckled look seen on the photograph is not in any longer, with the expertise of our team we can modernize the remaining kitchen space by adding a Kitchen Island with a sleek modern neutral Countertop in the center of your space. Also brightening up existing cabinets by refacing them can help to modernize the space.

Another of the popular 2017-2018 trend in countertop choices involves combining slim with extra thick slabs. You might find the main countertop measuring half an inch in thickness while the island countertop could be as thick as 4-6 inches. Contrast can create a bold statement when it comes to your kitchen design.  Read about floating kitchen countertops in our next article. Want to know more about waterfall kitchen design, you can always refer to the latest and greatest design choices by visiting and entering the keyword of choice into the search bar. 


Countertop choices include the Waterfall Kitchen Islands

If you are planning to install a thin countertop for 2017- 2018, first check which look you prefer the most and we will be able to accommodate you if you live in the area. 

Our manufacturers have expanded their countertop choices for us and we can include a better variety of countertop thickness and design. Artistic Kitchens & More’s team in Marietta is prepared to find the perfect material and look for you at an excellent price. So whether you are looking for slim quartz, marble or ceramic countertops, we can find them in the dimensions you will need for your kitchen. We have completed many complete remodels over the last decade and can also share our personal experience about material choices and design. 

Neutral Tones are trending when it comes to Countertop Choices

Soft neutral tones is a common theme running throughout the décor trends. The bright colors of Art Deco and mid-century styles are losing their place in the kitchen in favor of more neutral tones when it comes to countertop choices. 

Instead of jet black countertop, you are more likely to find soft grey, white and beige tones in kitchens for 2017-2018. 

There is more focus on highlighting and captivating using neutral backgrounds. So you might find a beige countertop, with a ceiling-high mosaic pattern backsplash to offset the neutral colors of the countertop. 

You can also experiment with other tones, though still maintaining the overall neutral theme and a few of the quartz colors that are in still include dull browns and light blue shades. Most builders and Homeowners are sticking to off-whites, grays, and beige colors.


This shift in the trend swaying to neutral colors comes at a time when kitchens are opening up to natural lighting. Super large windows, skylights like in the past only better, and folding glass doors are getting more attention in the kitchen design world.  Results include having a bright and airy feel that is now often seen in the transitional kitchens and modern kitchens. Small kitchens in starter homes are no longer restricted and white kitchens are still gaining in popularity. 

COUNTER TOP CHOICES Beautiful Kitchen in New Luxury Home with Exterior View of Lush Trees and Foliage. Includes Kitchen Island and Two Sinks. Vertical Orientation

Neutral Countertop Choices are being offset by interesting Backsplash 



Focus on creative Backsplash versus colorful busy Countertops

We think it is a smart choice to put the trend into the backsplash versus the countertops. Backsplash changes can usually be a heck of a lot cheaper to replace when it goes out style. Tearing out all the countertops after only a few years would be insanity, even if the budget allows for it, a complete kitchen remodel is never fun for the homeowner, unless you own many homes and can move there for a month or two.  We believe that this shift in focus on the backsplash tile is in part due to the possibility of neutral countertops remaining stylish for a long time. Even when cabinets are being refaced down the road and the backsplash is changed along the way, the longevity of neutral quartz countertops can certainly assure that a complete kitchen remodel will not be necessary for a long time to come. 

The partial kitchen-remodel down the road can revolve around changing cabinets by refacing them and even completing a new backsplash tile, versus having to start over because you decided to go with an interesting new trendy color for your countertops. When installing new backsplash tile in the past we used a 4-inch slab of countertop material on the wall with tile above it. No longer is the  4-inch slab the standard choice for most homeowners. We now see more and more stylish tile instead. For 2017-2018, we expect backsplash tiles to remain the most popular choice to create the Wow Factor. 


 The countertop choices are becoming more neutral and discrete as the backsplash takes over a specific small area of the kitchen. Subway tile is being used in various colors to bring out a white kitchen, for example, turquoise, blue and red even, the countertop choices are going low-profile with neutral tones and thin slabs, as the backsplash has become the canvas to try out bold and captivating styles.

Countertop choices are sleek plain slabs of Quartz Detail of contemporary upscale home kitchen interior with iridescent glass tile backsplash wall and black concrete countertops. Wooden utensils are gathered in a raku pottery jug.

 Now if you decide to extend your backsplash to the ceiling, know that it will be an expensive project to re-do.The visual point of the kitchen now seems to fade away from the countertops to the backsplash tile often being the focal point. 

A variety of backsplash tile styles have come up to satisfy the need for more attention-capturing backsplashes. The subway tile backsplash kitchen is still popular though with a few twists such as multi-colored tiles or larger size subway tiles. 

Tiles with a variety of finishes can resemble marble, brick or stone have also gotten popular as homeowners look for something unique and bold.


In the photograph below the backsplash is neutral yet unique with an intricate design, as you can see the countertops are completely neutral and old cabinets were refaced shaker-style and painted.i

Countertop choices - White sleek Quartz -Modern Kitchen with Teal Base Cabinets

The difference in style between the countertop and the backsplash have a surprisingly harmonious outcome and the countertops take the back-seat to highlight the backsplash. The two complement each other in a perfect way. 


Our Conclusion

The countertop choices have always been the focal point of a kitchen look and for that reason the focal point for the remodel.  Through the last decade, we have gone from kitchen to kitchen only to find that homeowners sought the perfect look for their main cooking space

Now we find that variety is the theme of today and hopefully the next decade to come will adopt this outlook. Builders and Homeowners have endless choices as it relates to the selection of materials, styles, and even the finishes. 

Neutral, discrete countertops are on the forefront. The modern kitchen for 2017-2018 will feature neutral countertops with thin slabs of material and a sleek look. By all indications, it seems this trend will stick around for a while, much like quartz countertops. Artistic Kitchens & More has been around for over a decade serving the needs of local homeowners in and around Marietta Georgia. 

If you are unable to utilize us (Artistic Kitchens & More) for your kitchen remodel because you don’t reside in our service area, we advise you to go with an independent kitchen contractor in your local community.  Check out referrals online and also check the Social Media presence, especially Facebook and read the latest articles to make sure that they are in tune with the latest trends in design as it relates to kitchen projects. We hope that this article will help you with your design choices and if you live in the area please do not hesitate to call us for your initial kitchen design and remodel consultation. 



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