Best Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

Best Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

Improving the Functionality and Design of Your Home

With the holidays fast approaching, homeowners across the country are considering the best kitchen design trends of 2018. We’ve reached a point where kitchen design, functionality, and originality intersect. Our kitchens should be more useful and outstanding than ever – which can be a difficult combination without assistance from a professional.

For your research, here are 8 of our favorite ongoing kitchen trends:

Bold and Vibrant Accents

Let’s face it – neutral colors aren’t going anywhere. But, while homeowners have moved away from in-your-face colors for walls, islands, and countertops, bold and vibrant colors are making a return in accents.

In many homes, large sinks, microwaves, and other appliances are bright red, teal, or even yellow. Paired with a classic neutral color scheme, these accents bring a cheerful, engaging look to your kitchen without comprising longevity and style.

Best Kitchen Design Trends Specials - Amazing Luxury Kitchen Interior in white with wooden floor and kitchen island.

Functional Kitchen Islands

It can be difficult to pair a kitchen island – something that, by design, confiscates an enormous amount of space from your living space – with functionality. But designers have finally managed it.

In your next kitchen remodel, consider adding drawers, shelving, or open bar space to your kitchen island. With the right assistance, you’ll have something original, functional, and classy.

Shaker-Style Cabinetry and Glass Cabinetry 

Top Kitchen Design Trends

Cabinetry design has been damaged since the 1950s. First, we wanted something pastel, functional, and frankly boring. Then, we cut the pastel, switched to wood, threw on handles, and left cabinetry to age for three decades. Now, finally, we’re coming back to cabinets in a new and improved way.

Shaker-style cabinetry, glass cabinetry, open cabinetry, contrasting cabinetry. Somewhere along the way, designers realized your cabinets make your kitchen! Shaker-style cabinets, in particular, have grown in popularity over the past few years. These cabinets are both distinct and practical, appealing to homeowners of all ages and preferences.

Gorgeous Handles

As we experimented with cabinetry, we made odd choices in handles. We eliminated them altogether, opting for magnetics. We tried wooden knobs. We decided it would be easiest to pull the cabinet open with no magnetics, knobs, or handles whatsoever.

This year, however, handles are back and better than ever. The handles present clean modern lines and can be seen in silver, copper or even two-tone. Some homeowners have ever matched their accessories and appliances with gold or silver accents. 

Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 include metal handles versus knobs for cabinetry.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 include metal handles versus knobs for cabinetry.

Concealed Lighting

If you want to transform your space without breaking the bank, lighting is absolutely the way to go. Concealed lighting options, in particular, are more affordable and accessible than ever before. Small LED strips can be used to line your cabinetry, adding a soft and classy glow that will change the atmosphere of your kitchen altogether.

You can also use layers of lighting to brighten your space. For example, the traditional line of three pendant lights continues to be popular over an island or outlining a rectangular kitchen.

High-Tech Software

Smart kitchens aren’t a phase – they’re the way of the future. Smart and energy-efficient appliances are developing rapidly, helping homeowners to boil water, connect the fridge to the wifi, control the kitchen from afar, and simplify the cooking process.

These machines are capable of many things. Scientists have created steam ovens, vacuum drawers, integrated music and lighting, and a number of other “essentials” that will change the fact and function of your kitchen forever.

Industrial Designs

Best Kitchen Design Trends Kitchen Styles include hidden appliances and industrial style decor

For homeowners interested in something more than tradition, industrial designs are sweeping the nation. Using heavy metal, faux concrete, and a simple design, you can build a timeless kitchen that captures the attention of your visitors. Indeed, some industrial kitchens are more functional than traditional kitchens, as they place more focus on simplicity and ease-of-access.


Faux Marble and Stone Countertops

Finally, consider brass or mixed metals for your updated kitchen – in addition to faux stone countertops. These new materials will highlight the focal points of your kitchen. They also provide an opportunity for experimentation and creativity. Since there’s no rulebook, you can make whatever choices feel right for your kitchen!

Artistic Kitchens & More – Our Best Kitchen Design Trends

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