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Bathroom Remodeling and Custom Bathroom Design by Artistic Kitchens is one of the most rewarding projects for your home.

Older homes may present a challenge when planning a bathroom remodeling project as available space can be a problem. Old houses often had fairly small baths as they were designed with only a standard tub, small vanity and toilet in mind – their bedroom sizes were considered more important to many families back in those days. While stealing a little square footage from an adjacent bedroom can make upgrading your existing bathroom to a luxurious bathroom spa a little easier, it doesn’t have to be a necessity. Consider these options that can add a little class to your bath without any major expansions:
If your home is located where temperatures can take a significant downward turn during the winter, you more than likely have firsthand knowledge of just how cold a bathroom’s ceramic tile or vinyl floor can seem especially if you forget to put slippers on before entering the room. A bathroom remodeling project can be the ideal opportunity for making your bathroom the coziest room in your home when the cold weather arrives. Artistic Kitchens has great ideas when it comes to your bathroom project, whether it is a complete bathroom remodel or custom bathroom design for new construction.

Radiant heating can be installed under most types of flooring and can range from economical electric matting to more complicated energy efficient hydronic systems. Both systems allow you to control your floor’s temperature from a thermostat that can be conveniently located on a bathroom wall. This might not be necessary in the Marietta area, as we usually have fairly mild winters with exception of a few cold days. However if you are cold natured or just want to have the option of this type of flooring we can get it done.While many people envision whirlpool tubs as being so large they might take up much of the space in an ordinary bathroom, that isn’t always the case.
There are many large models to choose from, but there are also quite a few whirlpool tubs that aren’t much larger than a standard tub. These small units can often be installed in the same location as your existing tub without major changes to plumbing or bathroom framing. The small whirlpools offer many of the features of their larger relatives such as adjustable jets and electronic controls and some models even allow you to add a factory installed water heater if having enough available hot water might be an issue.

If a whirlpool tub isn’t in your bathroom remodeling budget, consider installing a soaking tub during your renovation. Soaking tubs are very similar to whirlpools, but without the jets that can add cost to the fixtures. Soaking tubs are available in sizes similar to standard tubs, but are often much deeper to allow for optimum relaxation.

One of the decisions homeowners usually have to make while remodeling their bathrooms is how to protect the floor when the tub or shower is in use. Fabric shower curtains can be attractive, but so difficult to operate that allowing the floor to get wet is often the best choice. Glass partitions that slide open are functional, but their metal frames can detract from the appearance of the room you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
There’s now a third choice that is rapidly gaining popularity with homeowners and interior designers: frameless and semi-frameless shower enclosures. Artistic Kitchens has installed many frameless shower enclosures because they are made from glass panels that are so thick they don’t require a metal frame to be structurally sound. In many cases, the only metal you’ll see is at the door handle and where the panels attach to the wall. Semi-frameless enclosures are similar, but have a bit more metal showing – although it is kept to an absolute minimum. The result with both types of enclosures is that there is no ugly metal frame that detracts from the beautiful ceramic tile or other finish at your shower and tub surround. Your floor is protected, but the enclosure is almost invisible. Frameless and semi-frameless tub and shower enclosures are normally custom made and can be built for just about any type of application.

Like any other remodeling project, planning to add a bathroom spa feature to your bathroom means hiring the right people, and keeping costs in-line.  If you are considering a bathroom remodeling project for your home, consider speaking with our professional bathroom design expert for the best in bathroom remodeling and design ideas. Artistic Kitchens is proud to serve the following cities around Marietta Georgia: Woodstock, Canton, Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Cumming. Ask us about additional cities nearby.

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