Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips – Trending Now – 2018 Design Tips

 8 Kitchen Remodeling Tips that will inspire You!

2018 offers many online resources and inspirations for your next kitchen remodeling project!

The first thing that needs to happen is to feel inspired. Without a large pool of ideas, it’s really difficult to plan a unique and trendy design that can make you happy for a long time to come.  Kitchen remodeling can be a fun, but time-consuming, process. Changing your design relies on a couple different factors. Kitchen Remodeling Tips are often provided by companies like HGTV and Houzz. 

The most enjoyable parts of redesigning your kitchen are the inspiration and design phases. This is because you’re allowed to be creative. You have the freedom to update or change your designs as you see fit and you’re not restricted by anything but your own imagination.

Trendy New Kitchen - Kitchen remodeling tips - Open concept living

To help you pick out some fantastic designs and inspire you to remodel your kitchen, we’ve put together a list of eight different Kitchen Remodeling Tips that aren’t going away anytime soon. Visit our social media pages like Pinterest to share your ideas in an open forum. Feel free to like and follow us on Facebook! We post frequently and have many beautiful design ideas and pictures to share.

1. White or Gray Cabinets and Glossy Accents –  Kitchen Remodeling Tips for 2018 

Kitchen Remodeling Tips include glaming up your kitchen with glossy gray cabinets

So white cabinets are still among the top choices for designers in the USA. But instead of going for the safe bet and using white in your kitchen, why not spice up your cabinetry with glossy off-white or gray in different shades? Whether it’s a traditional gray or a lighter shade of gray, there are many different shades you can use to evoke different emotions in your kitchen. Glossy? Yes, the sexy glossy look works particularly well in modern kitchens.

Color therapy is important for all designs. It’s always a good idea to study how colors can change our mood. Color accents and accessories can help create a cozy atmosphere, so if you manage to use them to create your desired effect, you can be sure that your new kitchen remodels will stick around for a long time. Color theory is important for all design phases, and it’s always a good idea to study how colors change our mood.


2. Adding Glamour to Your Kitchen – Blending the Living Room with your Kitchen 

Kitchen Styles

For a touch of luxury, why not add some glam to your kitchen? Beautiful lighting, metallic hardware, clean architectural lines and blending the living area with your kitchen are only a few ways to modernize your kitchen. 


3. Modern Lighting and Bar Stools

Kitchen Remodeling Tips for 2018 include unique accessories which include Bar Stools and oddly shaped kitchens with clean architectural lines


New lighting can add some much-needed sparkle to an otherwise boring and dull kitchen. Materials like gold, steel, and copper will radiate in your kitchen and create a completely new experience. How about some funky modern bar stools to add uniqueness?

Even if you’re just replacing things like the handles of your cabinet drawers, these modern choices can add a sense of glamour that you don’t see in many kitchens. You can introduce more glamour by swapping your color palette to something more luxurious and stylish. You can even change your kitchen island to add modern flair. The sky is the limit for the 2018-2019 world of design.


Kitchen Remodeling Tips – 17 Trends on

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

4. Kitchen Remodeling Tips included Open Kitchen Pantry Shelves

Did you know that, when we researched Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips, we found designers are returning to open-style pantries and storage? There are many ways to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen, but it relies on your preferences. That’s why there are so many articles and styles to choose from. One thing is for sure. There are some definite trends taking the lead. Open storage shelves are one of them.

5. Environmentally-Friendly Kitchens

More and more often, people are paying attention to the types of materials used in our kitchens, rather than just the look or design. Switching to a greener lifestyle usually means making drastic changes to the way you live your life. Whether it’s switching the types of food you eat or practicing better habits, there are many ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Your decor is no exception. If you’ve vowed to live green, you may want to look for Kitchen Remodeling Tips that use more sustainable methods. Many good companies like Artistic Kitchens & More can help you with this.

Purchasing furniture made from sustainable wood can contribute to your environmentally-friendly kitchen. With so many materials used in every kitchen, it’s important to learn what goes into your kitchen design. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve contributed to a better planet.

6. Materials, Textures, and Patterns

Ktichen Remodeling Tips include adding texture and color to your kitchen design - Countertops color samples made for kitchen and bathroom remodel

Many kitchens are plagued with plain colors. Though neutral is here to stay, you can add a splash of color with bar stools, backsplash, flooring, or even waterfall kitchen islands using quartz and wood. Remember, mixing materials is no longer a sin.

Whether it’s plain kitchen countertops or a boring set of cupboards, you might find more success and enjoyment in utilizing different textures and patterns in your kitchen decor as you begin your next kitchen project. How about some color in your granite or quartz countertops? You can find backsplash ideas in our recent article.

Materials like brick can be emulated well using certain types of tile, though it can be nice to utilize real brick in parts of your kitchen. A brick background can be expensive to install.

Home Projects for Kitchens include Water Kitchen Islands

Our featured kitchen with loft lighting, a sleek design, and Waterfall Kitchen Countertops.

Patterned designs can be tricky, but they’re often more expressive and modern than “common” design trends, making them both personalized and interesting.

Glass Cabinet Doors & Glossy Cabinets 

Artistic Kitchens & More sharing Kitchen Remodeling Tips for 2018 - Trends include straight lines -glossy cabinets


Really? Glass cabinets like the olden days? Yes, but with a touch of modern flair. Now, designs that incorporate both modern and traditional styles that are sure to please. We noticed that top designers in the Atlanta area are replacing two or three upper cabinets with glass. With an open-concept living style, this is hardly outdated or old-fashioned. Open concept living simply means blending living areas ( such as the kitchen, living & family room) with an outdoor terrace or balcony. 

8. Commercial Grade Stove Tops – Even For Non-Cooking Families!

kitchen remodeling tips include commercial grade stovetops and clean lines


Are we really installing restaurant equipment in our kitchens? Why are even non-cooking families using this upgrade? Kitchen designers have long suggested that putting more money into the quality and look of your stovetop can be trendy. Even a small kitchen can benefit from having a heavy-duty stove top as a statement piece. Outside of the look, the kitchen can certainly sway the decision of buyers if you decide to sell your home. It helps that these stove tops last forever.


In Closing

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