Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops

Waterfall Kitchen Islands: Trendy and Functional!

Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops are a hot trend, and we think they might be here to stay. These kitchen additions feature many styles and designs, including modern, vintage, and Scandinavian. They add a refined touch using granite, concrete, quartz, glass, or wood. There are plenty of ideas to test and try, and there are dozens of reasons why choosing Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops could be the right choice for your home. We’re going to outline some of them here.

Waterfall Kitchen Islands

A contemporary white kitchen interior with a round second light window and a gorgeous Waterfall Kitchen Island.


Waterfall Kitchen Islands

A bright, well-designed kitchen that highlights sleek styles and a Waterfall Kitchen Island.

Once considered an ultra-modern choice of decor, Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops are now popping up in a variety of kitchen designs and styles. They add a sleek, minimalistic touch while helping to hide appliances and protect wood cabinets. You’ll find these countertops are less difficult to clean than traditional versions. As a bonus, if you love your countertop material, you can show it off more when you use a waterfall style.

There are few reasons to avoid Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops, though some homeowners fear the trend will falter in popularity. This happens from time to time, but we believe that certain trends are here to stay. For example, bright kitchens are a classic concept. While the design has gained more traction over the past decade, the feeling associated with a bright, open kitchen is going to linger for decades to come.

The waterfall design has a similar fate. There isn’t anything distasteful about the waterfall style. It highlights and accentuates luxury materials in your kitchen (like granite and quartz) while hiding unsightly objects like blenders and cutting boards. For these reasons, we think Water Kitchen Islands and Countertops are going to stick around – maybe for good. Don’t be afraid to invest!

The Advantages of Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops

Waterfall Kitchen Islands

A modern, white kitchen in an urban apartment, featuring a Waterfall Kitchen Island.

Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops perfectly hide appliances and stored items, giving your kitchen a clean, cool, and collected look. It features a frame over your cabinetry, making the space tidy. This is essential for open layouts, where clutter can completely ruin the vibe.

Have you ever felt like your countertops are underappreciated? These ornate structures should continue throughout your home. With the waterfall style, this is perfectly plausible. The material used on your countertops can be seen throughout your kitchen, your dining room, and your living space, drawing attention to the finer things in your home.

Another advantage of the waterfall style is durability. Usually, end panels are scratched by children, pets, and clumsy adults. This doesn’t happen with Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops when you choose a durable material like granite or quartz. You’ll never have to worry about damaged end panels again. Even if you use plastic or wood, you are less likely to face normal wear and tear. The waterfall style adds an extra layer of protection.

Looking for some great kitchen remodel ideas that involve the waterfall style?

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Waterfall Kitchen Islands

Photo credit Digsdigs.com  – More Design ideas can be found Digsdigs.com.

 Waterfall Kitchen Islands and Countertops are also known as risers, a growing trend in kitchen design. The horizontal counter edge is extended vertically to the floor, creating a waterfall effect.

According to Houzz, “When extended to the floor, almost any countertop material instantly looks more modern and sleek. Waterfall countertops don’t need to be relegated to strictly modern spaces. The mix of contemporary and traditional elements work together fluidly to give the room a timeless appeal.” 

Waterfall Kitchen Islands

A modern kitchen renovation with a stone Waterfall Kitchen Island.

Are you ready for a renovation inspiration? Check out our samples of Waterfall Kitchen Island and Countertop design ideas. We have plenty to share, and we’d love to make a difference in your home.

Another great place to visit and share your favorite ideas is Pinterest.

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Water Kitchen Islands

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