How to decide if you should be refacing your cabinets

Refacing Your Cabinets, is it the best option for you? 

Trying to decide whether or not to commit to refacing cabinets or purchasing new cabinets can take a lot of thought, and decision-making. At Artistic Kitchens and More we can help guide you through the decision-making process. Follow our simple guide on cabinet refacing vs. purchasing new cabinets to make a qualified decision.

What does refacing cabinets mean? 

Cabinet refacing is a cost-effective way to transform your current cabinets into the beautiful cabinetry you’ve always wanted, without the demolition. Refacing cabinets involves replacing the fronts of all your cabinet boxes and the fronts of the drawers. In this process, you can change the entire look of your cabinetry, including the species of wood. If your current cabinet boxes are in good shape then cabinet refacing is a perfect option for a cost-effective solution to purchasing new cabinets. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Artistic Kitchens & More provides local refacing projects and complete kitchen remodels The featured picture shows a local kitchen project with refaced cabinets.

Marietta Rustic Maple Refacing Cabinet Project in Alpharetta

















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Cabinet Refacing is a quick, convenient update that can give your kitchen a newly remodeled look in a fraction of the time it takes to remodel and with minimal disruption to your home life.

Our comment: So it is not quite that simple, and anytime you have contractors in your home, there is always a small interruption in everyday life and activities. To see some of our projects browse our website, or visit our gallery on Houzz by following this link for Houzz.

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Why should I reface my kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them?

If you like the current layout of your kitchen or just prefer to avoid the cost and inconvenience of remodeling, cabinet refacing offers the perfect solution. You also keep the existing cabinet frames intact and get back to cooking in your own kitchen a lot sooner by refacing cabinets rather than replacing them.  Our comment: The choice is yours, sometimes it is better to commit to a complete remodel, we would evaluate your kitchen, give you a price for both and decide as a team. The time frame difference between Custom Cabinets and Cabinet refacing can be several weeks. In some circumstances cabinet refacing is not an option, (Old rotten wood, extremely outdated cabinets, previously refinished and in bad condition).

How long does kitchen cabinet refacing take?

Our professional installers can complete most kitchen cabinet refacing projects in just 5-7 business days from the time installation begins, leaving you with a kitchen that will provide lasting enjoyment.

Our comment: If all goes well and permitting that we have full access to your kitchen during work hours one week is realistic. The alternative of a full kitchen remodel would add about 4-6 weeks to the finish line.

Is your kitchen a good candidate for cabinet refacing?

Are your drawer boxes and guides worn out? Are they a struggle to open and close? Let us help! We will replace your old drawer boxes and guides with the industry’s highest quality drawer boxes made of solid maple with dovetailed corners; the guides are full-extension giving you complete access to the contents of your drawers.

Your new drawers will open and close with gentle ease. They are a great addition to any kitchen upgrade. We can even add pullout shelves to most base cabinets.

We can help you upgrade many other features you don’t like about your kitchen. Many people like to add trash compartments, or a little hideaway for sponges and cleaning supplies under the sink. We may be able to turn that dead corner into valuable storage space. Whatever your needs for your kitchen remodeling project we can help.

Should I purchase new cabinets for my kitchen remodel or stick to the Cabinet Refacing?

New cabinets can transform your outdated, and non-functional kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.   If your cabinetry is old, and the boxes are rotting, cracking or smell of foul odor, then replacing the entire cabinet would be the best choice for your kitchen remodel. Another sign that you need to purchase new cabinets is the functionality of your current kitchen design. If you are content with your current kitchen design, then refacing cabinets would be a cost-effective solution would be best for your kitchen remodel. However, if you are unhappy with your kitchen design, and are seeking a new kitchen design, then purchasing new cabinets would be the best fit for your new kitchen design.

Whether you’re seeking a new kitchen design or just looking to update the look of your kitchen, Artistic Kitchens and More of Marietta will guide you through the decision process for your kitchen remodeling project.

Art & Thomas Mancino are operating as an independent kitchen design and remodeling company located in Marietta Georgia. They serve the surrounding cities of Marietta. For over 11 Years they have been a part of the Community and love offering Kitchen Projects as well Closet Design and Bathroom Remodeling.

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