New Kitchen Design – A Chance for a New Style

Are You Ready For Your New Kitchen Design?

Have you thought about getting a New Kitchen in your existing home? Did you buy a home that needs a New Kitchen? We can certainly help you out. Upgrading your kitchen is perhaps one of the most exciting and dramatic renovations you can do to your home. The kitchen is at the center of every family entertainment activity. The kitchen has to be beautiful, but also functional. A new kitchen should make your life easier and give you a chance to start over with a new design and style in mind. An area of your home this important must be done right and bring you joy for years to come.

New Kitchen Modern light color kitchen

What is Included in a New Kitchen Renovation or Design?

We believe that a great kitchen design is a combination of form, function, and your style and expression. Before beginning the kitchen layout, we take the time to understand your intentions for the home. Are you fixing it up to sell or create a kitchen that you will continue to enjoy with your family for years to come?

When developing your kitchen design, we want to find out which elements are most important to you. We will begin with a discussion focused on functionality. Will this be a single cook kitchen or do we need to design the kitchen to accommodate multiple cooks working together?

Do you want to be able to see the television and your kids while at the sink? Do you want family members and guests to be able to eat at the island? How much entertaining do you plan on doing? We want to understand what your lifestyle is like and help forecast what your future needs might be.  We’re not only designing for today, but for your lifestyle five years from now.

New Kitchen Young Hopeful Military Couple Looking At Beautiful Custom Kitchen.

We will evaluate the opportunities and limitations of the existing kitchen area. We will explore combining the kitchen with adjoining areas or even adding additional space to the home if necessary. That is just the beginning of getting to know you and your home. That way, we can create a new kitchen that fits your family’s needs.

From kitchen counters to back splash tile, and new cabinets or refacing the old ones, it’s all part of your “New Kitchen” Often, the floors and light fixtures (as well as appliances) are changed out simultaneously to create a brand new kitchen from beginning to finish. 

Artistic Kitchens & More is located in Marietta, GA. Though we do not have our showroom anymore, Pinterest, HGTV, Houzz, and a suite of additional online resources are a great idea book for homeowners in the area.

If you can imagine a new kitchen, we can create it.

Interested in subway tile back splash? Our team can give you a variety of options. Click here for creative back splash ideas.

The new kitchen and its style will depend on your taste and your budget. We offer complete kitchen remodeling and design. We can also do closet design and your bathroom remodeling project at the same time. We have more than twelve years of experience in designing kitchens and bathrooms, and we’d love to discuss your project with you. Contact us today and begin your new kitchen design!

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