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Chefs have always considered the heart of the home to be the kitchen but now, architects and designers are spicing up their kitchen designs and turning kitchens into eloquent great rooms.

A recent study conducted by Electrolux Group found that a typical family of five spends 175 hours in the kitchen each month. Responding to this growing trend, more people are combining their living and family rooms with the kitchen; transforming them into family-friendly rooms perfect for entertaining.

Artistic Kitchens & More defines kitchen great rooms by these three design factors:


Homeowners who enjoy entertaining or spending time with the family should consider keeping a flexible floor plan. In the past, designers and architects perceived the kitchen and the living room as two separate spaces. In today’s innovative design world, trends are demonstrating the kitchen great room to be the heart of the home.

In order to achieve a great room effect, it’s important for designers to realize the lifestyle the homeowner is looking to achieve. Then design the best solution that will accommodate their individual needs and wants.

Function & Organization

Function and organization are two of the most important factors to include when determining a design plan for a kitchen great room.

Allowing space for a flexible floor plan is an innovative way to allow for optimal use and functionality. This may include knocking out walls to open up the room and create a flow throughout the living spaces.

Another common element in the design is the addition of a dry bar, desk, or island. Catering to the chef, these elements are a great solution for additional seating, an increase in productivity, and/or storage space.

Appeal & Conversation

Custom-made accents can also spice up the kitchen with an elegant great room effect. The addition of simple molding and engraving designs on cabinetry is a technique used to update the cabinets and to add a custom-made flare to the kitchen which makes for great conversational pieces.

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A homeowner looking to achieve the custom-made look in a cost-efficient manner should consider cabinet re-facing. In this procedure, the existing framework of the cabinets remain but it is covered with 1/4 inch solid wood material and new doors, drawer fronts, hinges, hardware and molding are applied just like with new cabinets.

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